Monday, February 8, 2010

Fire Station meet-up! FUN!

This is always such a treat! I have always gone to the fire station meet ups with other groups but this time was different! I scheduled it and it was my group that I'm an organizer of and to top it all off the newspaper wanted to tag along. I am so truly blessed by having such an amazing opportunity to be involved in so many peoples lives and to make so many wonderful new friendships. We have 152 members now and yes I could probably name 75% of them! I try and make it a point to always make people feel welcome in every group activity we do and that takes studying every ones picture profile! I was thrilled when the news paper contacted me and said they had heard a buzz about the group. They sent out the photographer and everything. Memphis and Sawyer were actually in the paper to but the on-line story showed different photo's. That's okay though because I saved the original! Oh! Happy Day!Click here to read the article and view some photo's!

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  1. Gina,
    God has a way of sending people your way--for friendship, fellowship, and sharing. May you be blessed by all the wonderful new relationships God has placed in your life.

    In Grace,