Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sawyer first time having fast food!


Not a problem eating fries of course! Typical kid!
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'll be back soon....Going out to buy some "mom jeans!"

How did I go from this!

To this!

Then.. Oh! Goodness!...To this!

After I had this...I mean Sawyer!

But...I'll take it! He's beautiful! Also, I am truly trying to work on it. Gee, so glad I maxed myself out at 210lb. when I was pregnant!..Yikes!

This was Sawyers first time at the beach!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our play date!


Today we had a play date at Leah's house and had such a wonderful time! She greeted us with her usual smiling face and welcomed us into her home. She took the time to put out lunch meats, cheese and crackers, and a huge bowl of fresh fruit to counter act the fact that we had tons of cookies and a bag of Cheeto's! We met new friends and got to go next door to the neighbors to check out their goat. which seeing farm animals is always fun. Leah thanks again for a wonderful day!
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Please pray for lance!

Lance is a beautiful five year old boy that just recently had heart surgery. Yesterday they weened him off the ventilator and also the medicine that was regulating his irregular heart beat. They removed his pacemaker and he seems to be doing fine without it...praise God!We are hoping that he'll get moved out of the CICU to a room! I will try and keep everyone posted on his recovery but please continue to pray for his healing!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Amish friendship bread is making me mean!

So I just re-evaluated my life because of Amish friendship bread.

I see people run from me when I walk near them totting a bag of dough.

I called the person that gave it to me to begin with and told her I didn't like her anymore!

I couldn't give away all my starters and so now I'm questioning how many friends I really have! I HAD TO BAKE SIX LOAVES OF BREAD!!!!

My own best friend gave up on baking the bread every ten days! I think I shed a tear when I had to pour some of the starters down the drain!

I think I have now resorted to threatening people to take my dough starters! What has become of me!
The bread is so good! I'm like the Forest Gump of breads! I have made Lemon, Craisin, banana nut, pineapple banana nut, cinnamon apple, cinnamon apple wal-nut, banana chocolate chip and I think a couple more. I seriously don't know what I have gotten myself into to. I even suggested to my mother in-law That I could MAIL her up a starter to...guess where....Pennsylvania! I have seriously lost it. I have a play date tomorrow and by the way Leah I'm bringing you a starter!
Oh! Side note! If anyone from Proctor and Gamble read my blog. Then let the big wigs know that you owe me money for plugging one of your products in my photo's! The Dawn dish detergent...cuts grease and leaves your hands silky smooth!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Emily's 1st birthday!


Today was Sawyers first official birthday party that he was invited to. Our little friend is Emily and she is absolutely the most precious little girl and quite a character too. She is always cute as button and dressed to the hilt. Her mommy Mesa puts all of us other mom's to shame. When we got there she had a photo from every month of her 12 month life strung on a string. In each photo it showed her wearing a onzies with a number on it. One month, two month, three month and so on. What a great way to see your child grow! They had a great jumper house they rented, a huge cake that my friend Tammy made, candy every where as decorations and the greatest goody bags with blow up balls, whistles, and much more. The food was amazing with fruits, sandwiches, veggies and soda. Also, to top it off we got to snatch up a bunch of candy from a pinata'. We truly had an amazing day...Thanks Mesa! Happy birthday sweet baby Emily!
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Memphis & The women's "libber" police officer!





We went to yet another one of our fabulous meet-ups and the kids got to meet a Police officer. Memphis had a ton of fun!We had a great time and we learned about 9-1-1 and who is a stranger. We learned who to call in an emergency and to always hold mom and dad's hand and stay in sight. We also learned not to say Police woman!!! I have been saying for two days we were going to meet a police man not knowing that it would actually be a woman. When we got to the park I was taken off guard and explained to Memphis that it was going to be a police woman today. So once again I was lucky enough to have Brent go with us and he turned to Memphis and said let's go stand next to the police woman's car. The Police OFFICER snapped and said OFFICER not WOMAN. YIKES!!! It wasn't like we called her...he! I know that Waiters and waitresses like to be called servers now and stewardess like to be called a flight attendant now. Strippers like to be called Dancers....really?!? and fireman are to be called Fire fighters. I just can't keep up! So I decided I want to be called Queen MaMa! So silly! It's not like we asked her to go bake us some bread and mop my floor! Silly woman's libber's! Maybe I took offense to that because she was slamming my job! However, I am thankful for her taking the time to come talk to the kids. I'm also thankful that there are police out there that protect us! Who am I kidding! If she were to save my life and keep me out of harms way...I'll call her anything she wanted to be called!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coupon fairy and I have nothing to say...darn it!

Everyday I get a few minutes to sit in front of the computer and I do the same ole' thing. I check the e-mail, then my mommy meet-up sites, my second e-mail account "the phantom get extra coupons account", I check facebook and a couple other things and then lastly I look at my blog. I always feel like I should be posting something everyday and then I figure out that I have nothing important to say. Well not everything I say is real important considering I just like to hear myself talk, but, it does make me wonder why I don't have anything to write about. What do I do all day anyways??? Yesterday was a great day of stuff I do but I crammed it all into one day. I vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets, washed the dog and the dog bed, cleaned the bathrooms and did laundry, started a pot roast and swept and mopped the kitchen floor, cut Memphis's hair and gave both boys a bath! After dinner I headed to the gym for an agonizing 1 1/2 hours of pain of walking and a Ab's & Back class and then headed home. But yet I still I had nothing to write about. Today I decided just to tell you about how may day is going. In between the many "Memphis don't sit on your brother" "Let your brother go and give him back his toy" and "don't step on the dog's tail' and a hungry, crying, poopy baby I managed to get us out of the house to grab some stuff from the store. We headed to Wal-mart to buy a birthday gift for some friends of ours Daughter that's turning one Saturday and also a few groceries that would be cheaper getting them there instead of Publix. I CAN'T STAND WAL-MART! I usually never go in there because cheaper prices sometimes can't make up for bad attitudes and bad service.Although they carry 2 things I can't get anywhere else....UGH! So, I grabbed a couple things and the birthday gift...which I let Sawyer choose by playing with and drooling all over because he too is turning one next month and I figured he would know what's best. (NOTE TO SELF: Tell Mesa to wash gift)I also saw a woman in the baby section buying a ton of diapers, wipes, baby food and stuff. I always take a peek in peoples baskets and don't know why I do it. I'm a little freaky like that! But, I did save her $6.55 by giving her a bunch of coupons. I love doing that! Who doesn't want to save money...you'd be surprised!So,I made it out of there non-frazzled except for my three year old yelling at an elderly lady "Hey, little old lady! You didn't look both ways!" (NOTE TO SELF:reminder again that I have to watch what I say) So, I then made it to Publix and picked up a few more things and gave out a few more coupons. Yoplait yogurt ones this time and she was genuinely happy so that was nice. I don't even buy Yoplait because they carry generic yogurt but I still clip coupons to give to others. Anywho, I made it through there without any drama with promises of a cookie and it worked because they were awesome. So awesome in fact I got the wonderful "Awww! your kids are so cute and well behaved and Wow! What manners!" comment from all the passer bye-ers.No matter the bribe... Either way I'll take it! So I walked tall strutting my stuff and looking like an awesome hands on mom....until check out when we had the no M&M's show down! ARG! I am now slouched over and tip toeing out! So sad! Now I got everyone and everything in the car and as we were leaving I was almost plowed over by a little old lady that had a handicap sticker on her car.She ran a stop sign in the parking lot and I then wondered if she got that handicap sticker because she was elderly or because she ran another stop sign during her 90 years on this earth and the other stage coach and horses ran her over and made her handicapped...Ha! Ha! That one made me laugh. Okay maybe bad taste but she started it by almost running me over! Now here I am mid-afternoon and still have a dishwasher to empty, laundry to fold and put away and left overs to heat up for dinner tonight. The hubby is getting off early and I'll be headed to the gym. Man, I really have nothing important to say!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Never Judge a book by it's cover!

It's been a while since I have posted and if I was able to I would sit on here all day. Seems harder and harder to get on the computer for even a minute the more Sawyer becomes mobile. I did however want to tell a funny story. Just the other day we had one of our fabulous mommy meet-ups to a Krispy Kreme Donut place to show the kiddo's how Donuts were made and to get them all pumped up full of sugar! I was excited because the hubby was coming too! After a fun morning of Donuts and crazy kiddo's we decided to go grab some lunch to off set the sugar we just fed our kids. We headed on over to a Zaxby's and grabbed our food and popped a squat at one of the tables. Now of course we are Juggling between a 10 1/2 month old that is throwing EVERYTHING on the floor and a 3 yr. old demanding "Blow it's to hot!" Blow it's to hot!" and us trying to eat and then Brent turns to his left and looks over and says "Man, I hope our kids turn out okay and that he didn't want them to rebel. I then asked what brought that on. He looked again to his left and pointed at a couple of teenage boys and says I just don't want them to look like that.I am real big on not judging a book by it's cover only because I would be hurting if someone did it to me. I have five tattoo's (wishing I didn't now) and use to have a ton of piercings and I have never been the greatest dresser in the world. To be fair though I want to add that I have looked at some kids and said to myself why? just tell me why? For instance...SKINNY JEANS! They don't even look cute on a 13 year old size one girl much less a 16 year old size one boy wearing girls jeans! Also who the heck made that popular! They should be kicked! I would think that it can't be that comfortable either! Okay, I am done ranting. So, onto the story! I said to Brent that they looked like a couple of normal teens. Long messy hair...it's cool ya know! Dark clothing and holes in the jeans. A fancy cell phone that looks kinda like a black berry in one hand and the other kid had an I-Pod (is that what you call those music thingy's....I know it's not a walkman! Ha! Ha!). I got up to go throw away our garbage and walked to the front of the restaurant right passed them and I looked over to see what they were doing. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I came running back...appalled! Just kidding! I did however run back to the table and said to Brent..."You will NEVER in a million years BELIEVE what they are doing!" and with excitement of hearing a crazy teenage story of reading evil books and using profanity. I told him that as I walked by I peeked over to look at what they were doing and saw that they (the long haired, black clothing and girl skinny jean wearing kids) were reading the bible together while one was looking up a biblical word in his little black berry kinda looking of a phone. I know this because I heard them say something about look up the word.How funny was that! So all I have to say is "Oh! please GOD let my boys look like these boys and let them love you and want to WORSHIP YOU LORD!!!!!"

Memphis Bowling for the first time!

I'm involved in a two local "Mommy Meet-up groups" here in town & just recently became an organizer in one of the groups. I set up this bowling event for all the toddlers.The bowling alley was kind enough to open their doors to us without out a building fee and only $5.00 a person. It was nice doing something new and fun for the kids and knowing they were safe because we were the only people in there since it wasn't open to the public. I think about 35-40 people showed up and I got Memphis on video before it got loud and crazy. Once again it was so nice having Brent there to help out and I was able to walk about and take photo's and meet new people.He's pretty to look at to and I get to brag that he's my hotty hubby to all the women.I'm hoping to set up a cupcake decorating party next!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sawyer & his first haircut

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Fundraiser for Joshua!

This is a fundraiser for Joshua. He's an amazing "almost" three year old that has cancer. You can also keep up with his healing by hitting my best friends blog at www.tammyonthego.blogspot.com
Thanks to all that can help.

T-Shirt Fund Raiser
Posted 2 hours ago
T-SHIRTS / Gray with orange writingFront: MATTHEW 18:5 / JESUS LOVES FIRSTBack: CHRIST...THE CURE ALL$15.00
All proceeds will go to family
Name: _____________________________
Phone #____________________________
Please check size & quantity (UNISEX)
Small_________ Can order any from infant to youthMedium_________ sizes_________________
2 X-LG_________
3 X-LG_________
4 X-LG_________
Cash or checks payable to Zion Hill Baptist Church
Michelle 263-5041
e-mail Nadene for now- nadenes4him@yahoo.com
Information about Joshua...
Joshua Lee FreemanJLFJesus Loves FirstMatthew 18:5

Update on Joshua:

Stage 4 Hepatoblastoma Diagnosed 2/24/2009
Joshua has been sick off and on for sometime now. To the best of my recollection, he's been sick since November 2008. We would take him to either his pediatrician or his doctor in a family practice but they would treat his cancer as anything but. They did not know but something told us that there was more to his sickness than allergies, cold, virus, or a sinus infection. His pediatrician and family medicine doctors missed the cancer because they were not looking for cancer. Childhood cancer is rare...Joshua's cancer, Hepatoblastoma-liver cancer, has only about 100 cases reported in a year across the states. We praise the Lord that he gave us sense enough to take him to TC Thompson Children's Hospital. Joshua's recovery road is going to be a bumpy one but the Lord has been there the whole time guiding us to care for Joshua. Please do not ever take your kid or kids or for that matter anyone that you value for granted. This is one thing I know I cannot regret...thank you Lord for showing me that it is more important to give Joshua the time, love and understanding than the woes of the world.

Update March 29, 2009: Right now Joshua is going through his 2nd Cycle of Chemo Therapy. He will be done with this cycle, Lord willing, in a week. He is going to have one treatment tomorrow and the last one is next Monday. In a few days Joshua is going to have his scans done and then we may be making a trip up to Cincinnati, Ohio to their Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I know you are all praying because we see the Lord's work in Joshua everyday. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!