Saturday, April 11, 2009

Never Judge a book by it's cover!

It's been a while since I have posted and if I was able to I would sit on here all day. Seems harder and harder to get on the computer for even a minute the more Sawyer becomes mobile. I did however want to tell a funny story. Just the other day we had one of our fabulous mommy meet-ups to a Krispy Kreme Donut place to show the kiddo's how Donuts were made and to get them all pumped up full of sugar! I was excited because the hubby was coming too! After a fun morning of Donuts and crazy kiddo's we decided to go grab some lunch to off set the sugar we just fed our kids. We headed on over to a Zaxby's and grabbed our food and popped a squat at one of the tables. Now of course we are Juggling between a 10 1/2 month old that is throwing EVERYTHING on the floor and a 3 yr. old demanding "Blow it's to hot!" Blow it's to hot!" and us trying to eat and then Brent turns to his left and looks over and says "Man, I hope our kids turn out okay and that he didn't want them to rebel. I then asked what brought that on. He looked again to his left and pointed at a couple of teenage boys and says I just don't want them to look like that.I am real big on not judging a book by it's cover only because I would be hurting if someone did it to me. I have five tattoo's (wishing I didn't now) and use to have a ton of piercings and I have never been the greatest dresser in the world. To be fair though I want to add that I have looked at some kids and said to myself why? just tell me why? For instance...SKINNY JEANS! They don't even look cute on a 13 year old size one girl much less a 16 year old size one boy wearing girls jeans! Also who the heck made that popular! They should be kicked! I would think that it can't be that comfortable either! Okay, I am done ranting. So, onto the story! I said to Brent that they looked like a couple of normal teens. Long messy's cool ya know! Dark clothing and holes in the jeans. A fancy cell phone that looks kinda like a black berry in one hand and the other kid had an I-Pod (is that what you call those music thingy's....I know it's not a walkman! Ha! Ha!). I got up to go throw away our garbage and walked to the front of the restaurant right passed them and I looked over to see what they were doing. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I came running back...appalled! Just kidding! I did however run back to the table and said to Brent..."You will NEVER in a million years BELIEVE what they are doing!" and with excitement of hearing a crazy teenage story of reading evil books and using profanity. I told him that as I walked by I peeked over to look at what they were doing and saw that they (the long haired, black clothing and girl skinny jean wearing kids) were reading the bible together while one was looking up a biblical word in his little black berry kinda looking of a phone. I know this because I heard them say something about look up the word.How funny was that! So all I have to say is "Oh! please GOD let my boys look like these boys and let them love you and want to WORSHIP YOU LORD!!!!!"

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