Saturday, April 18, 2009

Memphis & The women's "libber" police officer!





We went to yet another one of our fabulous meet-ups and the kids got to meet a Police officer. Memphis had a ton of fun!We had a great time and we learned about 9-1-1 and who is a stranger. We learned who to call in an emergency and to always hold mom and dad's hand and stay in sight. We also learned not to say Police woman!!! I have been saying for two days we were going to meet a police man not knowing that it would actually be a woman. When we got to the park I was taken off guard and explained to Memphis that it was going to be a police woman today. So once again I was lucky enough to have Brent go with us and he turned to Memphis and said let's go stand next to the police woman's car. The Police OFFICER snapped and said OFFICER not WOMAN. YIKES!!! It wasn't like we called her...he! I know that Waiters and waitresses like to be called servers now and stewardess like to be called a flight attendant now. Strippers like to be called Dancers....really?!? and fireman are to be called Fire fighters. I just can't keep up! So I decided I want to be called Queen MaMa! So silly! It's not like we asked her to go bake us some bread and mop my floor! Silly woman's libber's! Maybe I took offense to that because she was slamming my job! However, I am thankful for her taking the time to come talk to the kids. I'm also thankful that there are police out there that protect us! Who am I kidding! If she were to save my life and keep me out of harms way...I'll call her anything she wanted to be called!
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