Saturday, April 11, 2009

Memphis Bowling for the first time!

I'm involved in a two local "Mommy Meet-up groups" here in town & just recently became an organizer in one of the groups. I set up this bowling event for all the toddlers.The bowling alley was kind enough to open their doors to us without out a building fee and only $5.00 a person. It was nice doing something new and fun for the kids and knowing they were safe because we were the only people in there since it wasn't open to the public. I think about 35-40 people showed up and I got Memphis on video before it got loud and crazy. Once again it was so nice having Brent there to help out and I was able to walk about and take photo's and meet new people.He's pretty to look at to and I get to brag that he's my hotty hubby to all the women.I'm hoping to set up a cupcake decorating party next!

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