Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coupon fairy and I have nothing to say...darn it!

Everyday I get a few minutes to sit in front of the computer and I do the same ole' thing. I check the e-mail, then my mommy meet-up sites, my second e-mail account "the phantom get extra coupons account", I check facebook and a couple other things and then lastly I look at my blog. I always feel like I should be posting something everyday and then I figure out that I have nothing important to say. Well not everything I say is real important considering I just like to hear myself talk, but, it does make me wonder why I don't have anything to write about. What do I do all day anyways??? Yesterday was a great day of stuff I do but I crammed it all into one day. I vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets, washed the dog and the dog bed, cleaned the bathrooms and did laundry, started a pot roast and swept and mopped the kitchen floor, cut Memphis's hair and gave both boys a bath! After dinner I headed to the gym for an agonizing 1 1/2 hours of pain of walking and a Ab's & Back class and then headed home. But yet I still I had nothing to write about. Today I decided just to tell you about how may day is going. In between the many "Memphis don't sit on your brother" "Let your brother go and give him back his toy" and "don't step on the dog's tail' and a hungry, crying, poopy baby I managed to get us out of the house to grab some stuff from the store. We headed to Wal-mart to buy a birthday gift for some friends of ours Daughter that's turning one Saturday and also a few groceries that would be cheaper getting them there instead of Publix. I CAN'T STAND WAL-MART! I usually never go in there because cheaper prices sometimes can't make up for bad attitudes and bad service.Although they carry 2 things I can't get anywhere else....UGH! So, I grabbed a couple things and the birthday gift...which I let Sawyer choose by playing with and drooling all over because he too is turning one next month and I figured he would know what's best. (NOTE TO SELF: Tell Mesa to wash gift)I also saw a woman in the baby section buying a ton of diapers, wipes, baby food and stuff. I always take a peek in peoples baskets and don't know why I do it. I'm a little freaky like that! But, I did save her $6.55 by giving her a bunch of coupons. I love doing that! Who doesn't want to save'd be surprised!So,I made it out of there non-frazzled except for my three year old yelling at an elderly lady "Hey, little old lady! You didn't look both ways!" (NOTE TO SELF:reminder again that I have to watch what I say) So, I then made it to Publix and picked up a few more things and gave out a few more coupons. Yoplait yogurt ones this time and she was genuinely happy so that was nice. I don't even buy Yoplait because they carry generic yogurt but I still clip coupons to give to others. Anywho, I made it through there without any drama with promises of a cookie and it worked because they were awesome. So awesome in fact I got the wonderful "Awww! your kids are so cute and well behaved and Wow! What manners!" comment from all the passer bye-ers.No matter the bribe... Either way I'll take it! So I walked tall strutting my stuff and looking like an awesome hands on mom....until check out when we had the no M&M's show down! ARG! I am now slouched over and tip toeing out! So sad! Now I got everyone and everything in the car and as we were leaving I was almost plowed over by a little old lady that had a handicap sticker on her car.She ran a stop sign in the parking lot and I then wondered if she got that handicap sticker because she was elderly or because she ran another stop sign during her 90 years on this earth and the other stage coach and horses ran her over and made her handicapped...Ha! Ha! That one made me laugh. Okay maybe bad taste but she started it by almost running me over! Now here I am mid-afternoon and still have a dishwasher to empty, laundry to fold and put away and left overs to heat up for dinner tonight. The hubby is getting off early and I'll be headed to the gym. Man, I really have nothing important to say!

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