Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'll be back soon....Going out to buy some "mom jeans!"

How did I go from this!

To this!

Then.. Oh! Goodness!...To this!

After I had this...I mean Sawyer!

But...I'll take it! He's beautiful! Also, I am truly trying to work on it. Gee, so glad I maxed myself out at 210lb. when I was pregnant!..Yikes!

This was Sawyers first time at the beach!


  1. They are worth it!!! Looks like you all had an awesome time at the beach~! =)

  2. Hey, at least you can still wear a bikini!!! I have stretch marks to kingdom come!! :)

  3. again, the comment before is Sarah, not Colin. . . haha

  4. hey beautiful! I have been gone most of the day. HOpe you had a good day!