Sunday, May 31, 2009

As of tomorrow it is officially June. We have 4 maybe 5 weeks til we move. I have yet to sit and think because I know what will happen. Exactly what happened when I just scrolled through my photo's....A lot of tears! I have made so many amazing friends here and yes I know that I'll make more but I'm still sad! I then sat back an thought about how I met everyone. I'll start from early on! Kim I met at a party in the Redlands that's the country part of Miami(although I new her before that). She was a friend of "at that time" my boyfriend. Obviously the only good thing that came from that was Kim. She has been my longest and dearest friend. Man, could she tell you some stories but then again so could I! When I moved to Destin Florida I then Met Brad about he third night I lived there. Brad is a HUGE staple in my life. I can't count how many days nights he has been there for me to cry on his shoulder or to talk to. He has been one of my best friends for about almost 15 years now! He is amazing and genuine and back when I was single and dating you just had to know that if you where going to date me you have to know that Brad was my BEST FRIEND! Brent my husband was okay with that obviously because Brad was my Maid of Honor at our wedding! Then we moved to Raleigh, N.C.! I was so consumed in work and Brent was consumed in school and work. We hardly had time for each other much less friends. We did realize this and cut back between work and school and decided to make changes in our lives and that when we had Memphis our first son! That's where Sarah comes in. She was my employee at the time and extremely sarcastic and confrontational. We butted heads quite often but obviously that was going to happen between boss and employee...okay I was hard to work for too! Anywho, she became pregnant the same time as me and her and her husband Colin had Jackson one month later then us. She played such an important part in my life and my love for her is different. I think because she was there for me while I was pregnant and we went through everything together. She is amazing and I can still feel how my heart hurt when we said our good-byes...I miss her! When we arrived here I was so lonely for the first year. I joined some mommy groups and went to church but didn't really open myself up much. Odd since you all know I'm straight up crazy! I became close with Kristi (unfortunately I don't have a photo) and then with Cindy my boss that had a son 6 months younger than Memphis. Then Monica that I met at a park and then a few others from church and then Tammy at a church Picnic....Now...Whoa....I'll stop there for a second. Tammy! She is like no one I have ever met. She is my AMAZING BEST FRIEND! She is a social butterfly! I have met so many wonderful people through her that I am crazy close with now. Like Leah that I obviously can't go a day with out calling and Amanda that talks just as much as me (By the way Amanda you do!)I can go on and on! Tammy is that friend that everyone wants to have and I got. She is honest and loving and she adores my kids (man sounds like I am marrying her Ha! Ha!) She would give a total stranger the shirt off her back. She never judges and if she doesn't like something then.. BOY!...She let you know it! Her husband is such a great guy and a great father and provider. He loves her so much and you know it! as I sit here looking at photo's I noticed a pattern that I only had one great friend every where I went. I'm not sure if that's a pattern because My father was in the military. But, I do know that soon as I became a Christian and more involved in church that I now have what I consider a TON of amazing friends that I feel comfortable to call day or night if needed. Mesa, I adore you and think you are such an incredible mother! Bonnie, I envy you because you are so delicate and sweet and soft spoken and kind. I thank you all for loving me the way you do. Unconditionally! Once again...If you know me then you know that I need UNCONDITIONAL love!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

For those of you that have been keeping up with Joshua!

This is such a great post by Joshua's mom I had to share it with you all!
During our stay here at TC Thompson Room 315, I couldn't help but look up and see a painted ceiling tile that said "Have Courage." At the time, it was painted by a cancer patient named Amy. She had a form of bone cancer. I studied on that tile the whole time we've been in the hospital this time. It's given me the extra courage I've needed to turn to the LORD for wisdom, guidance, love, understanding, and courage that only He can give us. When I was in the dumps the other day, I was making a journey out into the wide open spaces outside the hospital walls without my son and got down hearted that he wasn't with me because he was so sick then that's when I saw a fireman and his lovely girlfriend entering the same elevator that I was going to use to go back up to the 3rd floor where Joshua's room happened to be...I asked them if that was the same floor they needed...they said,"Yes." I commented on how hot it must be for him in uniform but he didn't seem to mind...he seemed to be very gracious as his girlfriend was too. We introduced ourselves...the fireman's name was Cody and the young lady's name was Amy. I learned that she was a fire fighter too. I asked them if they were visiting another patient and they said, "Yes." They said that the patient was in room 314. I asked if they wouldn't mind coming to our room...315 and that it would mean so much to my son, Joshua...he just loves firemen. With wide eyed wonder the young lady replied sure...that's where my painting is. With surprise, I asked her which one..was it a ceiling tile? She did not strike me as a cancer patient. She said yes it was the one that says, "Have Courage." I told her that ceiling tile was special to mean started to tear up. She said it would be okay and hugged me. When we exited the elevator I thanked them not knowing if they would be able to fulfill their promise but in a few minutes after they visited the other child in 314...I heard them knock at the door...I opened the door and with amazement there they both stood with a smile. I welcomed them in the room and Joshua was speechless that a real fire fighter came to see him all suited up. I took their picture and will put it on the site soon. God directs our steps and sends us special people to give us hope. Amy is cancer free and has been for 2 years. One of the nurses here that know Amy very well let me know that her mom has passed away within the last few weeks. She never mentioned a thing about her troubles while she visited us...she only offered a smile and hugs. She is a tough as nails young woman who needs your prayers too.

Brent's Promotion party!


So we are moving and I'm mean quick! Man...we don't ever do anything slowly around here! When we moved from N.C. I think we did it in one month as well! So we have until July 6th. That's when my hubby has to report to work at his new job. He still with the Army Corp. just a different site. I'm so excited for him and proud of him ,but, honestly I had know doubt in my mind. He is just that great guy and hard worker! I am so sad that I am leaving all of my friends and our church. I will talk about that some other day's to early in the morning to be crying. We found out last week that he got the job and found out the day before yesterday when they wanted us to report there. Amazingly enough Brent's co-workers got a luncheon set up for him in just a couple days. I don't know why I question it though because they are pros at planning luncheons! Seriously! If you sneeze...they throw a BBQ! If you poop...they are throwing a fish fry! We always have tons of fun and they are a wonderful group of people. We are for sure going to miss everyone! Memphis wanted to make sure that I told "Poo Poo Head Wade that he didn't see you and I'm not 5 I'm 3 1/2!"
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Feeding the Giraffes!

Honestly....I don't know who was more excited to do this me or the kids! The best $2.00 I have ever spent!I love you "Spock" the giraffe! XOXO!

Sawyers 1st birthday!


Although, we had a BBQ for Sawyers birthday, we also took him to the Zoo on his actual "Birth-Day"! It was nasty, nasty day of wind and rain but it actually held up while we were in the zoo. Australia was flooded so we weren't able to see the Koala's and Kangaroo's and they had the primates put away to. But, for the most part we got to see everything else. The kids really had a great time and Sawyer was so excited and constantly smiled and pointed at every animal he saw! It was a long day of driving (since there is no zoo near by) and walking. We ended our day with a trip to MacDonald's on the way home. Sawyer has found joy in Chicken nuggets! Yikes!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have you ever known a love so deep!


You are all invited to a twenty two years! Ya see...Elizabeth is almost 3 years old and Memphis is 3 1/2 years old. Not only was I lucky meeting my friend Tammy but Elizabeth her daughter is Memphis's best friend. I almost think that it was planned. I new Elizabeth from the church nursery when Brent and I worked in there over the summer. It was obvious that Memphis new that he adored her even then. He followed her around the room and constantly tried to kiss her. She was just so cute and always dress to a tee! But, then again so is her MaMa! During a church picnic Tammy Elizabeth's mom came up to me as the kids played and we started to talk and exchanged numbers. The next day she called and our friendship grew from there. Now there is not a day that goes by that I don't talk to her. We do alot together with the kids and they have a wacky relationship. It's almost a love - hate relationship! He hugs her then she screams. She kisses him he wipes it off. They play then they argue. They ape each others every movement. Even the ones that each other doesn't necessarily want...thus the dinosaur face! Sorry Tammy! One thing is for sure though is that Memphis tells me so often that he loves Elizabeth. He also tells me atleast once a week that he is going to marry her and that she is his best friend! This is a true friendship atleast to a three year old. I would love it if they actually grow up and marry each other. It would be a fairy tale story and I can already say that he'd have the greatest in-laws!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Peek-a-boo Sawyer

Unfortunately I wasn't able to post the video of Sawyer playing with his new birthday gift because it was to long. I guess I was so excited I let it record and record. But, here is Sawyer playing pee-a-boo. Be assured that if you can't find him then you just have to look for his big brother that he follows everywhere or behind the curtains!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My! Oh! My! How time flies...Sawyer is 1 years old!

Well, technically he's not one until Thursday but we had his very first birthday party yesterday. It was so wonderful! We set up a couple kiddie pools and all the kid's toys outside along with the swing set of course. We also BBQ'd Ribs and chicken and all the fixin's that goes with a barbecue.

The kids played and the adults talked and it was very enjoyable. We have some awesome friends! All the kids were very helpful in opening the presents with "for" Sawyer and eating cake is always great too! I just can't believe he is turning one years old. It made me go back in and look at the photo's of Memphis as well.I can't even believe how much he has grown to! I officially have two toddlers and no sad! I LOVE, LOVE my boys! Life is so great!!!!!! By the way check back because I will be posting the CUTEST movie of the boys playing with one of the new toys. It is way to funny!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm a are you for looking!

Okay so maybe I'm a little O.C.D., but, you all are freaks for noticing! I posted this photo last week.

Here I'll help you! We have drank a few beers, ate a couple yogurts and obviously made a salad by the fact the head of lettuce is gone. Yes, I'm being a little sarcastic...TeeHee! Ya see I had posted this cute little photo of Sawyer on Facebook. I just thought it was so sweet and something new he's doing. I thought that I was going to get a bunch of Awwwwwww! and Ohhhhh! how cute! But, instead I got a list of "why do you have so much water?" and "Holy Cow your fridge is crazy clean and organized!". I am a little freakish! Here is a few crazy things I do. I can't stand to be rubbed. Like someone rubbing your back (not massage)but actual rubbing! I hate tape, stickers and band-aids! Things that stick to you is just gross.If I get one hand wet I MUST get the other wet. I'm very set in my ways on what cleaning products I use. I keep Windex on my counter at all times and walk by about 20 times a day and clean off the counters. I have to clean the sink with comet after every meal. When I drive by houses at night I love to look into peoples windows if the have the blinds open. I drive by a Big ole' cemetery everyday and I always look to see if there is a funeral that day. Is the big green awning up to get ready for it or is it actually going on. Then my heart sinks and I try to look at the peoples faces sad. When I see a car accident I instantly pray for the people involved but mainly bad accidents. I have a tissue box in the car and when it's not being used I like to tuck the tissue in a bit because I think that dust particles are going to get all over it and that can't be good. Back to my house....I am very particular about how the house is set up. Everything has it's place! When I went into have my second child my mother in-law was in town for 2 weeks to take care of me (us). She was AMAZING and I think that it brought us closer together than before (although she'd probably say pushed us farther apart...I was mean!)She did so much for us and before I came home she thoroughly scrubbed the house down. It was great but the first thing I notice was that a candle stick holder was out of place. I wonder if she ever saw me adjust it?!?!? Sorry...I'm not ungrateful...I'm just a freak! My poor husband. He is so good at either adapting to my craziness or just really good not saying anything at all. Probably a little of both! My friend told me today that she cleaned out her fridge after looking at my photo. Last night my hubby told me he showed the cute photo of Sawyer to a co-worker and he thought it was weird that our fridge was so organized. Is it really that odd???? You know what really freaks me out...Hmmmmm.....DIRTY MICROWAVES!!! Come on people! You cook food in there. Do you not think that all that old crusty stuff on the top of it is not falling into your food! YUCK!!!!! So I'd just like to add that maybe I have to face forward everything and am a little bit of a neat freak. But, I have junk drawer too! I have non-lined up shoes and I hate putting clothing in drawers but I do by cramming them in there! I also want to add that everyone is a freak for noticing! Do you always go around looking in peoples fridge! This is all said in love....I'm sure you all think I'm really freaky now!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thirty-one gifts! I got a job!

I am SO EXCITED!!! I have a job! I am now officially a Thirty-one gifts consultant and I couldn't be happier! Ya know there are so many "Stay at home mommy jobs" out there but this is the one for me. Let's see....Hmmmmmm.....There's Pampered Chef which I love, love, love and you think that I would have done that because I love to cook and love the products but no. Also there is party light which sells candles but I just can't see myself toting candles everywhere to sell. There are alot of cosmetic and facial companies but I could never do that in a million years because I have the worst complexion! There is Tupperware and Avon and there is Mary Kay and even naughty lingerie shows. But, none of this caught my eye like Thirty-one gifts did. Not only is it a religious based job but their products are amazing! I have a couple bags and a "car organizing thingy" that's my salesman talk coming out in me...thingy! I have also purchased a travel "luggage" tag for my mother in-laws luggage. I have two insulated bags that I received from my friend that I use almost everyday. I also got my mother in-lay a HUGE insulated...wait for it...."thingy" that you place in a basket and tote food everywhere. That will for sure be my next purchase for myself. I just thought that if I am spending money on all this than I must love the products! I might as well start selling the stuff and make a little profit while getting a discount. Which oddly enough was the last thing that I had asked my friend when I signed up "Oh! by the way! How much do I make?" I was so wrapped up on purchasing more that I forgot to ask about getting paid! Ha! Ha! Love you honey...for my hubby that reads this everyday! Anywho, they even embroider it like for instance my insulated bags say "Sawyer's snacks" and "Memphis's Munch"cute huh?!?! It is such great products that I hope you all jump on-line and check the site out. You can also book a show with me and/or you can do an on-line show. On-line shows you just get with me and we add peoples addresses and send them my site with your personal messages and Viola' you now have an on-line show.If your friends purchase anything then you can get free stuff and discounted stuff...GREAT! I just wanted to put this out there and if you want to take a look-see please go to my site. I am also going to be adding a link onto my Blog! Lots of love to everyone! Me!! Your Thirty-one gifts consultant! By the way we also do great stuff now for babies (great for baby showers) and will be adding teenagers stuff to! Here is a link to my website to look at the products and you can order there as well.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers day and the solved case of the red toes!


I had such an amazing mothers day! It was perfect from the start! I woke early about 5:45 a.m. by choice and not by an crying infant yesterday. I thought that I'd get up and have a cup of coffee and jump on the computer for a bit before everyone woke up and we scrambled to get ready for church. My husband knows me quite well because when I went to start the coffee pot there stood a beautiful mothers day card and to what looked like a menu! It was a menu! Brent had made his own menu to his own restaurant called "Mortimer's on Tenth". He was going to make me a Mother's day dinner and it was amazing! It was so much food and I was so full. On the menu it stated that for our first course there was an Arugula and baby spinach salad with a Greek vinaigrette, next Pan-seared Sea Scallops seasoned and sauteed in clarified butter, the main course was a Herb goat cheese stuffed 8 oz. Filet. The sides were garlic mashed potatoes, wilted spinach and a marinated Portabello mushroom. For dessert he made a fresh fruit parfait with strawberries and black berries with homemade whipped creme. It was all just so wonderful and I could hardly walk afterwards! He even cleaned the kitchen afterwards. I also received my first Mother's day present from Memphis and Sawyer. Before I talk about that I want to take you back to a week or two ago. I had picked Sawyer up out of his crib not long ago and noticed that he had red on his foot and toes. I thought it was dried blood and was a little nervous. I checked his crib, I checked his foot, I checked the floor to see if he might have stepped on something, and I called Brent at work and had asked if he noticed if Sawyer had hurt himself. It didn't seem like he did and he obviously wasn't in pain. It also looked like he just put his foot in something red after a long examination so I just let it go. So now for my Mother's day gift. Brent went to get Memphis out of his "Son seekers" church class and I went to grab Sawyer and as I was loading everything up Memphis and Brent came to meet me in the infant room. Memphis was holding a beautifully wrapped gift and yelling "Mom, I got you something and please, please open it!". Of course I did and inside was two dish towels. One with Memphis's hand made into a flower and one of Sawyer's foot print made into a flower. They were amazing and of course I cried!!! It was my first official gift from my boys and I will treasure it forever! Our church is amazing and they think of everything. What a great project and great gift. Something that I can always look back on and remember my wonderful Mother's day! So we were getting ready to head home and as I got in the car and was about to start the engine I stopped and starred at the towels again for a minute. I looked at Memphis's hand print and thought how huge it is now and then I looked at Sawyers foot print and again thought "Holy Moly!" it is huge as well. Hmmmmmm! and Red! Wait a minute a RED FOOT PRINT!!! Ohhhhhh!
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

All garage salers are Christians!!

Ugh! I'm exhausted! Not just physically but I am exhausted emotionally! I decided that the next time we have a garage sale that I am going to make sure I have a pen and paper handy to take down prayer requests. Okay, so I am exaggerating a little that all garage salers are Christians. But, goodness gracious it seems like everyone that showed up at my garage sale had something hard going on in their life and had more faith that God is in control than I have ever seen. I met a woman right off the bat that was headed to see her son.She only stopped off in the neighborhood to pick up her Grand children so that they could see their father as well(her son). See, her son is incarcerated. She told me that he was in a prison that was about 45 minutes away to which I already new because my husband works in that town and there is only three things there..a mental hospital..a prison.. and my hubby's place of employment! This prison is pretty hard core! I say this because not all are!!! This prison they farm their own land to which I think is super neat. They do much, much more but that's not my point. This woman told me she hasn't seen her son in two years and neither has his kids. He was arrested on drug charges and when he was sent to prison he got in trouble quite a few times and they took away all visitation for obviously a long time. I'm guessing he kept it up! Either way she said he has a 10 year sentence and he's just now coming around to straighten his life out. this woman..his mother..says there is not a second of the day that she doesn't pray for him and she has faith that he is going to turn his life around. He is 27 years old right now. So please pray for him...Damien is his name!
Now the second woman I met was driving through the neighborhood with her car LOADED down! I was amazed to see that much stuff could fit in a car. She got out and browsed for a bit and said she was pleased with our prices and started a big ole' pile of stuff that she wanted. I asked if she was looking for anything in particular and she told me everything! She said that about 2 weeks ago she had an electrical fire and her house had burned down and she had lost everything. Her church has been helping her out and also started her a cash account of donations at bank of America. She wasn't insured to well I don't think from the sounds of it. She lost everything and said to me that everything happens for a reason and that she had her faith and God on her side. She had asked if she could come by later and pick everything up because she simply had no more room. I of course told her that was fine and she said she had a funeral to go to at 11am and that she would come by later today to which she did. My heart sank! A funeral! No...I did not ask! Her name is Theresa. So please pray for her!
Anywho, through out the morning I got a lot of God blesses and have a blessed day. It was a great feeling and a sad feeling all rolled into one. One thing is for sure though.If you don't appreciate what you have then try having a garage sale and talk with some of the people and I'm sure that will make you will appreciate everyone and everything in your life! God Bless!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My boys are so different!


I would like to say that my kids are completely separate identities. But, I just can't help saying blah, blah, blah Memphis never did that blah, blah, blah look what Sawyer can do. Ya see...Memphis seemed as if he never needed me. He sucked down a bottle in two seconds flat. He started cereal real early because he was darn near a ten pounder and always hungry. He was completely text book as far as eating goes and the second the Doctor said okay whole milk no more bottle we went straight home and tossed the bottles put whole milk in a cup and that was that! He darn near potty trained himself and has NEVER had an accident outside the house and has NEVER wet the bed. Honestly that boy can hold it forever! He loves steak and canned spinach, hot sauce, fried chicken wings, steamed artichokes with garlic butter, baked leg quarters and pot roast with carrots and potatoes. He expects fresh bread with his meals and gets down from the table by saying "may I get down please?". He really does amaze me and he is only 3 years old! The things he says cracks me up and the things he does make me laugh even harder. Although, there are times that I wished he did the traditional baby stuff you see other babies do only so I can laugh! I did however get that with Sawyer! He does the booty wiggle shake when he here's music and if he's in the stroller he kicks his leg to the beat. He knows how to throw a ball and I mean hard! Memphis still isn't real good at that. He can laugh like nobody's business and so did Memphis but now it's Memphis that gets Sawyer to laugh the hardest! I can try all day to get him to laugh but Memphis gets those real hardy tummy giggle laughs out of him in the drop of a dime. I love the fact that my boys are so different a little harder sometimes because I don't always get what I expected. But, they both just amaze me! I don't know about the rest of the world but I so often sit back and look at them and I can actually feel my heart beat harder and harder! It's that love that makes your tummy hurt.I am so thankful for my husband and kids and even though I feel like this train I'm on never slows down..I couldn't imagine myself doing anything different!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today has been a crazy day! Of course I was out of bed at the crack of dawn! Oh! Wait before the crack of dawn because Sawyer doesn't know how to make it past 5:45am! But, today I didn't mind it as much. Mostly because I got to see my beautiful husband all dressed up. He had an interview for another job position. I am wanting so bad for him to get it to! He sometimes amazes me when he sets out to accomplish something he turns into this get it done kind of man. When he was getting his degree he went to school FULL TIME! He managed a restaurant FULL TIME! Was a Husband and a Father FULL TIME! He still managed to graduate with honors. He has been going over this position for weeks now.I don't think he has slept! He comes to bed late, late, late and wakes early, early, early.Going over and over manuals and papers and talking to me about stuff I don't understand. So my neck hurts from nodding like I do understand...Shhhh! So, on drive alone I think they should give him this job! Ha! Ha! I will keep everyone updated! I posted a picture from one of our past mommy meet-up play dates. Meet our egg people! Today we went to the Antique car museum. This guy was a nut case! He collected everything! I mean EVERYTHING!!! It was great fun but there was little there that the kids could actually touch. I am so thankful for a wonderful son that listens to me! I was saddened for other mothers that looked like they were going to have a nervous break down! We did enjoy seeing all the Bat Mobiles and the penguins "Duckie Mobile". It was just an all around fun day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

BBQ & Blues Festival


We have had such a great weekend already! Yesterday my parents came to visit and stayed over night. This morning my dad and I got up and hit the road early to check out some garage sales. I swear it felt like we saw 100! When we got home my folks left to head home and Brent, the kiddo's and I went to the BBQ & Blues festival. It is such a beautiful day! Great food, Great music and great company since we had run into some friends of ours and their two young sons. It has been an all around fun couple of days!
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Tammy!

Today is one of my closest friends birthday! She is an amazing person! On top of the fact that she is an incredible mom, she's a great friend and would do anything for anybody! I am truly lucky to have met her. I decided to throw her a surprise birthday party at a park mid-afternoon Wednesday. We had great fun and a ton of people showed up to let her know just how great she really was. We had a ton of food and I made a cake with Mickey Mouses face on it because she is now in Disney with her hubby and kids for her birthday.We had a pinata' for the kiddo's and they were able to run and play at the park while us adults were able to eat and chat.It was all wonderful fun! Tammy, I hope you are having a great time at Disney and hug Pluto for me! p.s.I was lazy and stole your collage to add to mine...Tee! Hee!