Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thirty-one gifts! I got a job!

I am SO EXCITED!!! I have a job! I am now officially a Thirty-one gifts consultant and I couldn't be happier! Ya know there are so many "Stay at home mommy jobs" out there but this is the one for me. Let's see....Hmmmmmm.....There's Pampered Chef which I love, love, love and you think that I would have done that because I love to cook and love the products but no. Also there is party light which sells candles but I just can't see myself toting candles everywhere to sell. There are alot of cosmetic and facial companies but I could never do that in a million years because I have the worst complexion! There is Tupperware and Avon and there is Mary Kay and even naughty lingerie shows. But, none of this caught my eye like Thirty-one gifts did. Not only is it a religious based job but their products are amazing! I have a couple bags and a "car organizing thingy" that's my salesman talk coming out in me...thingy! I have also purchased a travel "luggage" tag for my mother in-laws luggage. I have two insulated bags that I received from my friend that I use almost everyday. I also got my mother in-lay a HUGE insulated...wait for it...."thingy" that you place in a basket and tote food everywhere. That will for sure be my next purchase for myself. I just thought that if I am spending money on all this than I must love the products! I might as well start selling the stuff and make a little profit while getting a discount. Which oddly enough was the last thing that I had asked my friend when I signed up "Oh! by the way! How much do I make?" I was so wrapped up on purchasing more that I forgot to ask about getting paid! Ha! Ha! Love you honey...for my hubby that reads this everyday! Anywho, they even embroider it like for instance my insulated bags say "Sawyer's snacks" and "Memphis's Munch"cute huh?!?! It is such great products that I hope you all jump on-line and check the site out. You can also book a show with me and/or you can do an on-line show. On-line shows you just get with me and we add peoples addresses and send them my site with your personal messages and Viola' you now have an on-line show.If your friends purchase anything then you can get free stuff and discounted stuff...GREAT! I just wanted to put this out there and if you want to take a look-see please go to my site. I am also going to be adding a link onto my Blog! Lots of love to everyone! Me!! Your Thirty-one gifts consultant! By the way we also do great stuff now for babies (great for baby showers) and will be adding teenagers stuff to! Here is a link to my website to look at the products and you can order there as well.

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  1. You go, girl! I'll be your best customer!!!! =)