Sunday, May 17, 2009

My! Oh! My! How time flies...Sawyer is 1 years old!

Well, technically he's not one until Thursday but we had his very first birthday party yesterday. It was so wonderful! We set up a couple kiddie pools and all the kid's toys outside along with the swing set of course. We also BBQ'd Ribs and chicken and all the fixin's that goes with a barbecue.

The kids played and the adults talked and it was very enjoyable. We have some awesome friends! All the kids were very helpful in opening the presents with "for" Sawyer and eating cake is always great too! I just can't believe he is turning one years old. It made me go back in and look at the photo's of Memphis as well.I can't even believe how much he has grown to! I officially have two toddlers and no sad! I LOVE, LOVE my boys! Life is so great!!!!!! By the way check back because I will be posting the CUTEST movie of the boys playing with one of the new toys. It is way to funny!

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  1. I love love LOVE that baby picture of Sawyer with the glow worm. He's smiling like he just found his best friend!