Saturday, May 9, 2009

All garage salers are Christians!!

Ugh! I'm exhausted! Not just physically but I am exhausted emotionally! I decided that the next time we have a garage sale that I am going to make sure I have a pen and paper handy to take down prayer requests. Okay, so I am exaggerating a little that all garage salers are Christians. But, goodness gracious it seems like everyone that showed up at my garage sale had something hard going on in their life and had more faith that God is in control than I have ever seen. I met a woman right off the bat that was headed to see her son.She only stopped off in the neighborhood to pick up her Grand children so that they could see their father as well(her son). See, her son is incarcerated. She told me that he was in a prison that was about 45 minutes away to which I already new because my husband works in that town and there is only three things there..a mental hospital..a prison.. and my hubby's place of employment! This prison is pretty hard core! I say this because not all are!!! This prison they farm their own land to which I think is super neat. They do much, much more but that's not my point. This woman told me she hasn't seen her son in two years and neither has his kids. He was arrested on drug charges and when he was sent to prison he got in trouble quite a few times and they took away all visitation for obviously a long time. I'm guessing he kept it up! Either way she said he has a 10 year sentence and he's just now coming around to straighten his life out. this woman..his mother..says there is not a second of the day that she doesn't pray for him and she has faith that he is going to turn his life around. He is 27 years old right now. So please pray for him...Damien is his name!
Now the second woman I met was driving through the neighborhood with her car LOADED down! I was amazed to see that much stuff could fit in a car. She got out and browsed for a bit and said she was pleased with our prices and started a big ole' pile of stuff that she wanted. I asked if she was looking for anything in particular and she told me everything! She said that about 2 weeks ago she had an electrical fire and her house had burned down and she had lost everything. Her church has been helping her out and also started her a cash account of donations at bank of America. She wasn't insured to well I don't think from the sounds of it. She lost everything and said to me that everything happens for a reason and that she had her faith and God on her side. She had asked if she could come by later and pick everything up because she simply had no more room. I of course told her that was fine and she said she had a funeral to go to at 11am and that she would come by later today to which she did. My heart sank! A funeral! No...I did not ask! Her name is Theresa. So please pray for her!
Anywho, through out the morning I got a lot of God blesses and have a blessed day. It was a great feeling and a sad feeling all rolled into one. One thing is for sure though.If you don't appreciate what you have then try having a garage sale and talk with some of the people and I'm sure that will make you will appreciate everyone and everything in your life! God Bless!

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