Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers day and the solved case of the red toes!


I had such an amazing mothers day! It was perfect from the start! I woke early about 5:45 a.m. by choice and not by an crying infant yesterday. I thought that I'd get up and have a cup of coffee and jump on the computer for a bit before everyone woke up and we scrambled to get ready for church. My husband knows me quite well because when I went to start the coffee pot there stood a beautiful mothers day card and to what looked like a menu! It was a menu! Brent had made his own menu to his own restaurant called "Mortimer's on Tenth". He was going to make me a Mother's day dinner and it was amazing! It was so much food and I was so full. On the menu it stated that for our first course there was an Arugula and baby spinach salad with a Greek vinaigrette, next Pan-seared Sea Scallops seasoned and sauteed in clarified butter, the main course was a Herb goat cheese stuffed 8 oz. Filet. The sides were garlic mashed potatoes, wilted spinach and a marinated Portabello mushroom. For dessert he made a fresh fruit parfait with strawberries and black berries with homemade whipped creme. It was all just so wonderful and I could hardly walk afterwards! He even cleaned the kitchen afterwards. I also received my first Mother's day present from Memphis and Sawyer. Before I talk about that I want to take you back to a week or two ago. I had picked Sawyer up out of his crib not long ago and noticed that he had red on his foot and toes. I thought it was dried blood and was a little nervous. I checked his crib, I checked his foot, I checked the floor to see if he might have stepped on something, and I called Brent at work and had asked if he noticed if Sawyer had hurt himself. It didn't seem like he did and he obviously wasn't in pain. It also looked like he just put his foot in something red after a long examination so I just let it go. So now for my Mother's day gift. Brent went to get Memphis out of his "Son seekers" church class and I went to grab Sawyer and as I was loading everything up Memphis and Brent came to meet me in the infant room. Memphis was holding a beautifully wrapped gift and yelling "Mom, I got you something and please, please open it!". Of course I did and inside was two dish towels. One with Memphis's hand made into a flower and one of Sawyer's foot print made into a flower. They were amazing and of course I cried!!! It was my first official gift from my boys and I will treasure it forever! Our church is amazing and they think of everything. What a great project and great gift. Something that I can always look back on and remember my wonderful Mother's day! So we were getting ready to head home and as I got in the car and was about to start the engine I stopped and starred at the towels again for a minute. I looked at Memphis's hand print and thought how huge it is now and then I looked at Sawyers foot print and again thought "Holy Moly!" it is huge as well. Hmmmmmm! and Red! Wait a minute a RED FOOT PRINT!!! Ohhhhhh!
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  1. Red toes solved-case closed! Thank you for the muffins, prayers, and hospitality this morning. I appreciate you so very much as a friend!