Sunday, May 31, 2009

As of tomorrow it is officially June. We have 4 maybe 5 weeks til we move. I have yet to sit and think because I know what will happen. Exactly what happened when I just scrolled through my photo's....A lot of tears! I have made so many amazing friends here and yes I know that I'll make more but I'm still sad! I then sat back an thought about how I met everyone. I'll start from early on! Kim I met at a party in the Redlands that's the country part of Miami(although I new her before that). She was a friend of "at that time" my boyfriend. Obviously the only good thing that came from that was Kim. She has been my longest and dearest friend. Man, could she tell you some stories but then again so could I! When I moved to Destin Florida I then Met Brad about he third night I lived there. Brad is a HUGE staple in my life. I can't count how many days nights he has been there for me to cry on his shoulder or to talk to. He has been one of my best friends for about almost 15 years now! He is amazing and genuine and back when I was single and dating you just had to know that if you where going to date me you have to know that Brad was my BEST FRIEND! Brent my husband was okay with that obviously because Brad was my Maid of Honor at our wedding! Then we moved to Raleigh, N.C.! I was so consumed in work and Brent was consumed in school and work. We hardly had time for each other much less friends. We did realize this and cut back between work and school and decided to make changes in our lives and that when we had Memphis our first son! That's where Sarah comes in. She was my employee at the time and extremely sarcastic and confrontational. We butted heads quite often but obviously that was going to happen between boss and employee...okay I was hard to work for too! Anywho, she became pregnant the same time as me and her and her husband Colin had Jackson one month later then us. She played such an important part in my life and my love for her is different. I think because she was there for me while I was pregnant and we went through everything together. She is amazing and I can still feel how my heart hurt when we said our good-byes...I miss her! When we arrived here I was so lonely for the first year. I joined some mommy groups and went to church but didn't really open myself up much. Odd since you all know I'm straight up crazy! I became close with Kristi (unfortunately I don't have a photo) and then with Cindy my boss that had a son 6 months younger than Memphis. Then Monica that I met at a park and then a few others from church and then Tammy at a church Picnic....Now...Whoa....I'll stop there for a second. Tammy! She is like no one I have ever met. She is my AMAZING BEST FRIEND! She is a social butterfly! I have met so many wonderful people through her that I am crazy close with now. Like Leah that I obviously can't go a day with out calling and Amanda that talks just as much as me (By the way Amanda you do!)I can go on and on! Tammy is that friend that everyone wants to have and I got. She is honest and loving and she adores my kids (man sounds like I am marrying her Ha! Ha!) She would give a total stranger the shirt off her back. She never judges and if she doesn't like something then.. BOY!...She let you know it! Her husband is such a great guy and a great father and provider. He loves her so much and you know it! as I sit here looking at photo's I noticed a pattern that I only had one great friend every where I went. I'm not sure if that's a pattern because My father was in the military. But, I do know that soon as I became a Christian and more involved in church that I now have what I consider a TON of amazing friends that I feel comfortable to call day or night if needed. Mesa, I adore you and think you are such an incredible mother! Bonnie, I envy you because you are so delicate and sweet and soft spoken and kind. I thank you all for loving me the way you do. Unconditionally! Once again...If you know me then you know that I need UNCONDITIONAL love!


  1. We love you too! (And now I will have to kill you for putting up that photo of me and Sheri and the spa!) Ok, so not really. It will be a reminder of what a nut you are. =) Since I have known you and Tammy, I have made the best new friends. What a blessing you are!

  2. That was really sweet and I thank you Gina. I am still avoiding all this. I am sure you have wondered, this is what I do. I pretent that if I just don't talk about it, it won't happen. Is it working?

    I am so glad that you and Leah found a connection too, i promise to take good care of her and on days she does not have the girls, don't think her and I won't drive over and bug you for the day!

    I think we have blessed each other. God really had an amazing plan to bring us together and what a ripple affect it has created!

    It aint over yet girl, we are friends for life!

  3. Gina you will be greatly missed my friend. I know it hasn't been that long since we met but I feel like I know you well and that you are one of my really really good friends. Thanks for everything and I'll never forget you and I hope we can plan some visits! I'm very happy for you and your family! You will be missed though!

  4. Gina,
    I know how you feel about leaving friends behind. I moved to North Carolina from Ohio just two years ago. I left behind family and friends and I thought my heart would break. But, God is gracious to place new people in our lives that we can minister to with the experiences God has led us through. I know wherever you go there will be people there to love you without hesitation. Your4 love and zeal for God and His presence will shine through and draw those to you who will become new friends that you can then add to the old.
    I am enjoying your blog immensely. Please keep writing and blessing others with your love of God and life.

    In Grace,

  5. Thanks all! I now must relinquish control!!! Things are crazy around here and nothing and I'm mean nothing is in my hands!UGH! :)