Friday, June 5, 2009

Urgent Prayer need for Joshua!

Joshua is so sick today. Here is an update from his mother. Please, please be his "dirty knees" today...
Praise:Joshua's croup is better but not gone.
Prayer:Please pray for Joshua because as much as he wants to eat, his little body cannot handle it. Yesterday about 6 PM they started Joshua's feeds back at just 20 ml an hour and his body dumped out 500 grams within 2 hours from that point. The doctors decided it was too soon. They've just changed Joshi's meds for the C. Diff. yesterday. I just think it was all too soon. I just didn't want Joshua to get the Slick Gut Syndrome again. I also mentioned that since Joshi doesn't have any good bacteria in his digestive tract, maybe they can give him something to help rebuild it. I had to do a lot of sturn convincing last night and I hate to be the parent that has to make things happen but I'm fighting for my 1 and ONLY child. I could only imagine how Father, God felt about His Son, Jesus Christ. If I see that Joshua's in danger or in pain...I'm going to jump at the opportunity to make it easier or better if at all possible. These past several months have been the hardest of my whole life! I pray everyday that the LORD will heal Joshua completely...I just have to trust Him. Please pray for him as the doctors speculate whether or not to start back up his feeds today.
Platelets are low again and Joshua needs another transfusion today. Please pray for him. I want to thank all the people who gave and are planning to give blood at Blood Assurance for Joshi's behalf. May I remind you, for every donation Blood Assurance donates $10.00 to Joshua. This helps pay the bills! Thank you all!
I want to emplore you to continue to lift us up before our Heavenly Father each and everyday. Joshua's well being is hanging on a thread in the balance right now and he really needs your petitions to go before our Savior for his health. Thank you all if you are praying and continue to pray for us! We love you all and God bless!
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene

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