Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Girls night out!

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So we are down to our last week in town and my friend Tammy planned a girls night out for me. Actually it was called an "All about Gina night!" she knows me soooo well! We went to Osaka for some Hibachi and sushi! YUM!!! I loved it and we had such a great time. It was nice to be able to get out for a while without the kids and eat, talk, and just be plan old goofy. I say goofy because my friend has some way sillier photo's than me. My friends had a great idea to start a scrap book for me. Each person was to create a page for the scrap book and then they bought me a book to place the pages in. It was to say the least the best going away gift anyone could have ever thought of. When I arrived I saw the first page and instantly started to tear up. I then decided that I wasn't going to read the rest until I arrived home later that evening.Thank you so much for a great evening and thank you for being such wonderful friends. I of course am going to miss you so much. when I got home I did read and look at all the photo's in the book and sat and cried and cried and got may hugs from the hubby to console me!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My new obsession!

So this is without a doubt the girliest thing I have ever done! They are way to cute though!
Have you ever found yourself searching for a pen while you were on the phone? This solves that problem!

I was out and about and saw these and thought Hmmmmmm! I can do that and Viola! My plant pens!

I love making them and I think it is the first "crafty" thing I have ever done!

I Love them!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day!

We had such a great Father's day! Actually, it was a wonderful weekend! Saturday we did some running around and had a nice lunch out and Sunday we went to church came straight home and jumped into our swim suits! Brent had a plan that he was going to take the boys fishing. We had tried this once before but Memphis wasn't into it to much because nothing as biting......and I'm mean NOTHING! But, Brent wanted to try again. We headed to Silver Lake and of course when Memphis saw that it as like a "mini beach" he wanted to swim. The water as so warm and even though it was 102 degree there as a slight breeze. We had such a wonderful time swimming and really didn't realize how long we were there for.

Eventually Memphis said he wanted to fish with daddy. Sure enough the second he put that worm on the hook and pole in the water he had caught a fish! I'm not sure who as more excited Memphis or daddy. But, I can tell you who as that proudest! That was for sure daddy!

I can only imagine what it's going to be like when he gets his first deer! Sawyer had a good time watching! When we got home I made some fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and a black berry cobbler for dinner in celebration of fathers day/great hubby day. It was a treat because we got to eat homemade ice cream with it. Yes! After two years of saying No! I broke down and got Brent an ice cream maker for fathers day. He got it on Saturday because Memphis couldn't keep a secret. I think he lasted for 3 hours until he sat next to daddy and said "Daddy, I love you!" Brent replied "I love you too!" then he said "Daddy, I have a secret!" Brent then replied "Memphis don't tell me because mommy will be upset!" then he smiled real big and blurted out "We got you an ice cream maker!" of course Brent couldn't wait til Sunday so we started the ice cream on Saturday afternoon! Mmmmmm! It as good! Memphis did better this year because last year he only waited 2 minutes to yell out what we got daddy!

My sweet hubby & Michael's name!


I have posted here about how I as trying to think of a way to write out Michael's name for the Michael name project and it was driving me crazy trying to figure out hat to do. My sweet husband e-mailed me this photo from work this morning. I LOVE YOU BRENT! Thank you! I ill be adding it to their site to remember him. Must have been hard on his dad yesterday with Fathers day and all.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

She has just written an update.

Has anyone thought of a unique way to write out his name yet? Please give me so kind of idea. www.iloveyoubest.blogspot.com
I'm not quite sure why I can't get my silly blog to be able to click on the link I have add so you might have to copy and paste it...sorry! I'm sure it's user error!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My heart aches!

So I posted or should I say copied and pasted the "Say my name" post that my friend had e-mailed me. I have mentioned a few times here that I love to blog hop and so does she. But, she usually finds her blogs that she follows through other blogs. I hit the next blog, next blog, next blog key. I usually will stop at blogs that make me laugh or ones that involve couponing or maybe some photography. My friend has the ability to find people that are in dire need of prayers. I am strong and loud mouthed and I don't necessarily find myself to be a cryer but I for sure can't follow the blogs she does. I seriously would be crying everyday! I don't know if I just feel as if I don't read it then it's not really happening or what?!?! I do know that I am one of those people that lets things consume them! I keep up with Joshua mostly because it's my friends real close friend but doesn't change the fact it still hurts. Geez! Three years old and cancer! She has sent over a few more blogs to view and some I have and some I haven't due to the fact I would be crying all day. I did take a peek at this one though. I guess I felt a little more connected to her because she had a son. I didn't know how he died though. I'm not sure if you jumped on there to see the whole name thing. But, for two days now I have been trying to think of some witty way to spell out his name in memory of him.....edge of consumption! I watched the video of him on u-tube and it gave me a stomach ache. So young and so vibrant. I sat and cried and cried...alot! Of course Memphis wanted to watch the video of "the big boy" he called him and asked me why I was crying. I don't usually hold things back from him because it always gives us an opportunity to talk about Jesus. Even if he is only three you have to start some where. I explained that he had passed away and went to heaven. He then asked if the angels walked him there....because I have been listening to the Alan Jackson "Sissy's Song" in the car often. I said to him "well maybe?!?!" He then asked me if I thought he was playing with our dog named "Maka" that died and went to heaven. Again I could only say maybe but I sure bet that he is having some kind of amazing time being there in heaven where everything is so glorious! I'm a good talker but Lord knows that if it were to happen to me I really don't know what I'd do. They say that God never gives you more than you can't handle. I have to remind myself of that daily! I know how hard it was for me when Sawyer was deathly ill and I prayed an prayed that he would get better and also felt helpless. Helpless for one because we at first didn't know what was wrong with him and helpless to my older son which was only about 2 1/2yr and spending so much time visiting his brother at the hospital. I felt like a bad mother and I'd pretty much do or give anything to make everyone happy and healthy. Now this woman lost her son and no I don't know if she has any other children but I'm thinking not (I may be wrong). What do you say to someone like this. I could only think of hugging her. My words never, never come out right! You can't fix it but you can hold her and pray that eventually her pain will become a little less or should I say live-able?!?! I got back on her blog today to try and find out why her son passed away and it was because of some kind of heart problem. I read a post about how she picked up his death certificate and how they gave her five copies and she only had two of his birth certificate. I cried! I cried so hard that my heart ached. I read her words and it is how I feel about watching my son's do the things they do. I relate and I hurt! I pray that I never have to endure the pain of having a child die before myself and I pray that God will give them some kind of peace over losing their son. We still haven't even gotten around to getting our son's birth certificates. Tomorrow is pay day.....I'm getting six of each!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Say his name!

I love it when my friend e-mails me something that touches my heart or in general is amazing. Please visit this sight and start planning out how you are going to photograph his name......

Say His Name
Our city lost one of it's bright futures this year. His mom is doing something special to remember him for his 10th birthday on July 1. Will you visit http://iloveyoubest.blogspot.com/2009/06/say-my-namesay-my-name.html

Here is a video that was shown at his memorial... get to know him a little. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxYn0wzBULY

One great weekend!

I love it when the hubby has Fridays off as well as the weekend! I'm not gonna lie...it helps having a second pair of hands to take care of the kiddo's! They are both the biggest daddy's boys in the world. Things just seem so much more fun when he's off! We started the day by me running over to Costco. I don't have a membership but my friend does and I wanted to pick up the kids favorite freeze dried Brothers all natural fruits. So did Tammy! See photo below!

Below here is Leah with her kiddo's. She was kind enough to let us intrude on her day and met us over there to buy our stuff...love you!

It was nice being out and about by myself for a bit too!Oh! Here is me and my shameless plug for Brothers all natural!

We spent the afternoon at home playing outside.The next day we cleaned quite a bit because we were to show the house because we are moving and all and afterwards we went to the park. This was Sawyer's first time being able to run and play at a park. He only learned to walk a couple months ago. He LOVED IT!

As always Memphis had a great time!

Every time we go somewhere Memphis tells me he is going to make some new friends. There were a ton of people out BBQing Saturday at the park and Memphis ran up to everyone. His greeting is always "Hi! I'm Memphis and I'm 3 1/2 are you going to be my friend?" When he gets ignored I watch him laugh and play with them by mimic-ing everything they do whether they notice or not. He has such a loving, caring,gentle heart. He wanted so much for the "Big Boys" as he calls them to play with him. He says he's a big boy to and will go to school soon! This is him saying exactly what I wrote....

After church on Sunday we had some lunch and later in the day we had a water balloon fight. Actually it only consisted of about 6 balloons and daddy getting hit in the stomach!

How I was able to take a photo of him actually get hit is beyond me!

Here is Sawyer trying to pull the dog in the wagon. Obviously it wouldn't budge!

It was a fun weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Days gone by!

So I feel like all of my days are just running together and never ending. We found out that we are moving and since then things have been nuts! It seems as if we have more things planned now than ever before....maybe because it's summer.I love the summer time! It could be 110 degrees and I'd be okay with it! We still don't know when the movers are coming to pick up our stuff and we still don't have a place to live but we do know hubby will have to report to work July 6th! Grrrrrrrr! So... as I am trying to keep us all busy and not think about everything to much we have done a ton the last couple weeks. Unfortunately I have no funny or witty story for you because honestly I'm just to darn tired but I'll tell you what we have been up to. My friends cutie patootie daughter turned 3 years old and I offered to make the cake. Shouldn't have though because I adore my friend so much and wanted it to be so perfect and stressed myself out about it. I wish I could have made a Ginormous horse cake and it be super fabulous but... eh! It turned out cute! I'd honestly do anything I could for them. They are just good peeps! So here is the cake! So we went to her birthday party and it was great fun! Tons of food and balloons and horsey rides. I met some really great people and got to try some of Leah's fathers pickled squash....yummy! I got the how to's and recipe so I will keep you posted about that. Anywho, Morgan is such a cutie! She's the one in the red, black and white dress!So then we went to a pool party yesterday.That was great fun as well! Our friend Sheri is moving also and wanted to get together one last time with a pool party. She has an amazing house and a perfect set up for it. There were so many kids and everyone had a great time. I was so proud of Memphis as he swam in the pool by himself (with a floaty on)for the first time! I constantly kept an eye on him....EVERY SECOND! But, this did give me some time to play with Sawyer in the water. Although Sawyer didn't have to much of a good time due to the fact the sunscreen made him swell up!
Today Leah's dad let us come over early in the Morning to pick green beans from his garden. We have so many green beans I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with them all yet. We will for sure be eating them almost everyday but I think I am going to have to GOOGLE some green bean recipes. Leah was great enough to tend to Sawyer as me and her dad picked them with the occasional assistance of Morgan. Way to cute! She also played Red light Green light with Carmen and Memphis....atleast I thought that's what I heard. I was on a mission. I wish I had the time to write a little more often but it is way to crazy write now. I'm sure I'm gonna have a WHOLE lot to say when I move. So check back!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Urgent Prayer need for Joshua!

Joshua is so sick today. Here is an update from his mother. Please, please be his "dirty knees" today...
Praise:Joshua's croup is better but not gone.
Prayer:Please pray for Joshua because as much as he wants to eat, his little body cannot handle it. Yesterday about 6 PM they started Joshua's feeds back at just 20 ml an hour and his body dumped out 500 grams within 2 hours from that point. The doctors decided it was too soon. They've just changed Joshi's meds for the C. Diff. yesterday. I just think it was all too soon. I just didn't want Joshua to get the Slick Gut Syndrome again. I also mentioned that since Joshi doesn't have any good bacteria in his digestive tract, maybe they can give him something to help rebuild it. I had to do a lot of sturn convincing last night and I hate to be the parent that has to make things happen but I'm fighting for my 1 and ONLY child. I could only imagine how Father, God felt about His Son, Jesus Christ. If I see that Joshua's in danger or in pain...I'm going to jump at the opportunity to make it easier or better if at all possible. These past several months have been the hardest of my whole life! I pray everyday that the LORD will heal Joshua completely...I just have to trust Him. Please pray for him as the doctors speculate whether or not to start back up his feeds today.
Platelets are low again and Joshua needs another transfusion today. Please pray for him. I want to thank all the people who gave and are planning to give blood at Blood Assurance for Joshi's behalf. May I remind you, for every donation Blood Assurance donates $10.00 to Joshua. This helps pay the bills! Thank you all!
I want to emplore you to continue to lift us up before our Heavenly Father each and everyday. Joshua's well being is hanging on a thread in the balance right now and he really needs your petitions to go before our Savior for his health. Thank you all if you are praying and continue to pray for us! We love you all and God bless!
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene