Monday, June 15, 2009

One great weekend!

I love it when the hubby has Fridays off as well as the weekend! I'm not gonna helps having a second pair of hands to take care of the kiddo's! They are both the biggest daddy's boys in the world. Things just seem so much more fun when he's off! We started the day by me running over to Costco. I don't have a membership but my friend does and I wanted to pick up the kids favorite freeze dried Brothers all natural fruits. So did Tammy! See photo below!

Below here is Leah with her kiddo's. She was kind enough to let us intrude on her day and met us over there to buy our you!

It was nice being out and about by myself for a bit too!Oh! Here is me and my shameless plug for Brothers all natural!

We spent the afternoon at home playing outside.The next day we cleaned quite a bit because we were to show the house because we are moving and all and afterwards we went to the park. This was Sawyer's first time being able to run and play at a park. He only learned to walk a couple months ago. He LOVED IT!

As always Memphis had a great time!

Every time we go somewhere Memphis tells me he is going to make some new friends. There were a ton of people out BBQing Saturday at the park and Memphis ran up to everyone. His greeting is always "Hi! I'm Memphis and I'm 3 1/2 are you going to be my friend?" When he gets ignored I watch him laugh and play with them by mimic-ing everything they do whether they notice or not. He has such a loving, caring,gentle heart. He wanted so much for the "Big Boys" as he calls them to play with him. He says he's a big boy to and will go to school soon! This is him saying exactly what I wrote....

After church on Sunday we had some lunch and later in the day we had a water balloon fight. Actually it only consisted of about 6 balloons and daddy getting hit in the stomach!

How I was able to take a photo of him actually get hit is beyond me!

Here is Sawyer trying to pull the dog in the wagon. Obviously it wouldn't budge!

It was a fun weekend!

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  1. Gina,
    I love the pictures of your children. They always seem so happy and it is obvious how much they are loved. Nothing in the world compares with having children in your life. They do, indeed, make the world a wonderful place.
    I enjoy your blog so very much. I know that no matter where you relocate to, you will make new friends and touch new lives with your sweet spirit and love of God.
    You are a sweet blessing.
    In Grace,