Saturday, May 30, 2009

For those of you that have been keeping up with Joshua!

This is such a great post by Joshua's mom I had to share it with you all!
During our stay here at TC Thompson Room 315, I couldn't help but look up and see a painted ceiling tile that said "Have Courage." At the time, it was painted by a cancer patient named Amy. She had a form of bone cancer. I studied on that tile the whole time we've been in the hospital this time. It's given me the extra courage I've needed to turn to the LORD for wisdom, guidance, love, understanding, and courage that only He can give us. When I was in the dumps the other day, I was making a journey out into the wide open spaces outside the hospital walls without my son and got down hearted that he wasn't with me because he was so sick then that's when I saw a fireman and his lovely girlfriend entering the same elevator that I was going to use to go back up to the 3rd floor where Joshua's room happened to be...I asked them if that was the same floor they needed...they said,"Yes." I commented on how hot it must be for him in uniform but he didn't seem to mind...he seemed to be very gracious as his girlfriend was too. We introduced ourselves...the fireman's name was Cody and the young lady's name was Amy. I learned that she was a fire fighter too. I asked them if they were visiting another patient and they said, "Yes." They said that the patient was in room 314. I asked if they wouldn't mind coming to our room...315 and that it would mean so much to my son, Joshua...he just loves firemen. With wide eyed wonder the young lady replied sure...that's where my painting is. With surprise, I asked her which one..was it a ceiling tile? She did not strike me as a cancer patient. She said yes it was the one that says, "Have Courage." I told her that ceiling tile was special to mean started to tear up. She said it would be okay and hugged me. When we exited the elevator I thanked them not knowing if they would be able to fulfill their promise but in a few minutes after they visited the other child in 314...I heard them knock at the door...I opened the door and with amazement there they both stood with a smile. I welcomed them in the room and Joshua was speechless that a real fire fighter came to see him all suited up. I took their picture and will put it on the site soon. God directs our steps and sends us special people to give us hope. Amy is cancer free and has been for 2 years. One of the nurses here that know Amy very well let me know that her mom has passed away within the last few weeks. She never mentioned a thing about her troubles while she visited us...she only offered a smile and hugs. She is a tough as nails young woman who needs your prayers too.

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