Sunday, April 19, 2009

Amish friendship bread is making me mean!

So I just re-evaluated my life because of Amish friendship bread.

I see people run from me when I walk near them totting a bag of dough.

I called the person that gave it to me to begin with and told her I didn't like her anymore!

I couldn't give away all my starters and so now I'm questioning how many friends I really have! I HAD TO BAKE SIX LOAVES OF BREAD!!!!

My own best friend gave up on baking the bread every ten days! I think I shed a tear when I had to pour some of the starters down the drain!

I think I have now resorted to threatening people to take my dough starters! What has become of me!
The bread is so good! I'm like the Forest Gump of breads! I have made Lemon, Craisin, banana nut, pineapple banana nut, cinnamon apple, cinnamon apple wal-nut, banana chocolate chip and I think a couple more. I seriously don't know what I have gotten myself into to. I even suggested to my mother in-law That I could MAIL her up a starter to...guess where....Pennsylvania! I have seriously lost it. I have a play date tomorrow and by the way Leah I'm bringing you a starter!
Oh! Side note! If anyone from Proctor and Gamble read my blog. Then let the big wigs know that you owe me money for plugging one of your products in my photo's! The Dawn dish detergent...cuts grease and leaves your hands silky smooth!


  1. Oh wow, I am laughing! Yes, please bring me a starter. And some instructions!

  2. one of my favorites i tried... added butterscotch chips, baked it in a bundt pan and then drizzled it with powdered sugar/water glaze... yummmmmy

  3. I had a hard time giving away the starters too! Everyone says they don't have time for it. It doesn't even take much time! Sheesh! I have two starters now that I am going to bake tomorrow, and what will I do with 8 new starters? I wonder if they can be frozen?

  4. Everyone at my hubby's office said they could. I'm guessing I might try it as well with one of the extra starters. I don't think it takes up to much time either but I also LOVE to cook anything that is!