Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Traditions! (I almost broke out into song..Ha! Ha!)

Wow! This one is easy and I'm sure for the most part every ones answer to this blog hopping question is going to be some what similar. Decorating, cookies and the story of baby Jesus! My ENTIRE life my parents have gone over the top when it comes to decorating. I honestly couldn't stress the words over the top enough. It takes my folks a week and a half (that is working diligently) to set up their entire house. They have a Christmas tree in every room in their house and have themed bedrooms for the holidays. Memphis's favorite is the "snow man room"! It is CRAZY! My mother has always gone all out when it comes to cooking making. She mails them all over the world as well. I think when my brother was in Iraq or one of those places she even mailed them to him. She makes cookies ALL DAY and EVERY DAY for a solid week. Thousands and thousands of cookies. Once again I cannot stress the word thousands enough. The sugar cookies of course is where the family tradition part falls into place for us. We have always gone over to their house to decorate them and that is exactly what we will be doing next weekend! I will be sure to post more recent photo's of us decorating them since I can only find photo's from a couple years ago. I say this because the photo's I am posting I am actually pregnant with Sawyer and he is now 18 months old! You are probably wondering why I don't do the cookies myself since I cook all the time and I'm almost 35 years old. I'm not quite sure?!?! I think because my mother has done this forever and my holidays just wouldn't be normal if she wasn't doing it. I guess that for almost 35 years this is what I have always known at Christmas time. Maybe one day I will do this for my kids but I hope that day doesn't come to soon. That is because it means my mom isn't doing them. Lastly, my mother has always ready the Christmas story from the bible every year right before we opened our gifts!My mom and Memphis!PREGNANT! I was probably helping him finish the cookies faster so I could snatch them out of his hands and eat them!I don't know how we kept him from eating the candy!
I'm not sure who's tray this one was but if you think they are pretty then it was mine!
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  1. Oh wow those are great cookies!! My MIL spends weeks making candies for christmas and mails them everwhere...I gain about 30 lbs every christmas because of her candies!

  2. Those cookies look awesome!!
    I want to see your momma's house this Christmas!! Sounds like SOOOOO much fun!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL Cookies!
    I wish I was so talented.

    Merry Christmas

    ~Dawn @ Dumb Dawn

  4. Those cookies look wonderful.

    Mine is on my Barb's Blog.

  5. That tray of cookies are so that must take a lot of talent to get cookies to look that great..
    Have a blessed Christmas!