Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm I'm sad!

I feel like I never have a second to spare anymore. My house is atrocious!I'm not exaggerating either! I have been so run ragged lately and I'm not gonna lie because I did it to myself. The holidays are approaching and I don't have a clue where to start. I'm actually multi tasking right this second by eating soup at a very small desk and trying to type at the same time while the youngest is asleep and the other is watching Yo Gabba Gabba! On top of the fact that I am tired....I'm truly happy right now as well. I know when we first moved here I posted and wrote about how sad I was and how much I missed my friends in Tallahassee. I still do of course but I take so many trips over there that it's almost as if I have never left. I did declare one thing when we moved though and that is that I wasn't going to wait around to make friends this time. I wasn't going to stay lonely and sad and wait for people to find me and love me. I was going to put my self out there and talk to everyone and love everyone and yes! Pretty much force people to adore me! Ha! Adore me! I crack myself up! I should've put tolerate me! Either way I could sit around and wait for people to approach me or I could make it happen and that's what I did! So I went through NO IT'S NOT A DATING SITE!!It's a site that you can actually start groups based on things like Protesters of America, Moms with twins, or Owners of dogs that like to poop on mail boxes! Well, I haven't exactly seen that group yet but they could start one! I do have to pay for the site but I thought it would be so worth me! Does that mean I am buying friends? The logo I chose is the one above and I entered in all my specs. Christian parenting, Stay at home moms, Hips moms, Fit mom's (don't laugh!), Mom's with toddlers, blah, blah, blah. Anywho, it e-mails anyone that was originally looking in this area for a mom's group and WOW! Did I hit the mother load! In three months there are now 82 members! Well, there were actually 84 but I'll get to that in a minute. I actually have it set up to approve people because I prefer for it to be a group of only women. There's a message board and I can start a poll if I want and monthly calendars that I attach events to. We have done krispy Kreme donut tours, park picnics, Chuck E. Cheese meet-ups,craft days and mom's nights out. Just all sorts of things.It started off exhausting since I was waking at 5am and doing research on the area so I could post events...remember I just moved here!I eventually met Misty that was so gung-ho and offered to be the assistant organizer of the group and I am so thankful for that because she is also now my closest friend here in town. I don't think there is a day that goes by that we don't call each other at least 2-3 times! So now I am good and have a friend. I love this group and we have a thread that is labeled "Tell us about you" that gives everyone a chance to share a little about themselves and I love to learn about everyone. But, it cracks me up a little each time because each message usually contains a "Gina, I am so thankful for you starting a group like this!" or "This is such a good idea and thanks for making the group" WOW! If they only new that it was all for me...okay...and for them! I sound selfish but it's true. Like I said I wanted friends and playmates for my kids so I made it happen....viola'! Only thing is now I'm sad....sometimes. I also hear from women that they prayed for a group like this and sometime I hear how lonely they have been or don't have any friends or are in need of friends because they are newly divorced. I have met two women that have recently lost their husbands! I met another family that's husband has been laid off from his job and they are struggling hugely financially. They are struggling to pay their bills and can't afford anything for their children for Christmas. We also have another woman that joined and I am so thankful for her. Her name is Margo and she is a wife and a mother of a two year old daughter. She has battled liver cancer after being told that she had 6 months to live and she had WON! A this moment here and now she is at a hospital a few hours away in Montgomery were they have just told her that her cancer has come back and I am now waiting to hear from her. I am now not sure who needs who more. When you are around so many people with so much going on and so many back grounds and so many different views to just about everything it really puts life into perspective. The two women that are alone have now found each other as a support system and we are in the process of raising money to buy a Gift card to Toys R Us for the family that is without. As far as Margo goes...we are praying. We had 84 members but two people have left the group without me knowing why. At first I took it personal but I realize that I shouldn't and I for sure can't please everyone. To say I am awesome for starting a group like this here in this town would be silly because I seriously think it was God's plan not mine. To say that I am sad is so true sometimes, but, mostly I am just thankful.


  1. Wow what a great idea! You should be proud!! I can't believe there is a group for dogs that poop on mailboxes..haha

  2. What do we tell our kids? "God is bigger than the boogie man...."
    He's bigger than cancer, he's bigger than Anna's problem...

  3. Gina,
    I am so proud of you. I have prayede earnestly that God would give you friends and an outlet for that beautiful ministry of caring that He placed in your life. You are being used of God in ways that you may not see and may never have anticipated. But, that is like our God--He brings people to us who are hurting and in need so that we may help them and they, in turn, meet the areas of our life that need healing and comfort.
    Keep up the good work, my dear. God is great and greatly to be praised. Oh, and the running ragged---you're a mother, enough said. Blessings to you today.

    In Grace,