Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time for school!


So I have never been one of those mom's that went around saying to others "Look what my kid can do" But today I am! As I was washing dishes when Memphis says to me "Mom dog is spelled D-O-G Right?" I wiped my hands and walked over nodding yes and low and behold I see this piece of paper! He had already spelled horse and had just finished spelling dog!!! He just turned four in October and he has never had any interest in anything that included writing, drawing or coloring until two weeks ago.I just couldn't believe it! I wish I could say it was because of his awesome mom and dad teaching him but knowing my luck he learned it from Barney or Curious George or something! Either way.....Woo! Hoo! Look what my kid can do!!!!
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  1. :) Way to go Memphis! I bought Lucas a dry erase board book from Walmart that shows how to write each letter and has a practice area next to it (it has numbers, colors, shapes and some other stuff in the book too)...and Lucas LOVES it! He will just sit for hours practicing his writing.

  2. I'm anonymous bec I can't remember my password :) duh!!
    Too bad you left FL or he would be going into VPK :) Do they have kindergarten where you are? I know where Kim and Lisa are they only have 1/2 days.. I don't know what states have what though. He is going to be like Patrick though with the late birthday... he will be the older kid in class which I think is better for boys. I think Connor has it much harder being the youngest being an August baby.. They just grow up too fast don't they!

  3. Gina,
    Aren't children just amazing?! That is definitely a scrapbook item. And a precious memory that a mother will always love.
    I pray God's rich blessings come to you and your family today.

    In Grace,