Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I must vent!

So, just to let you know...I am going to vent! Honestly you need not read this but I think if I don't vent I am truly going to explode. Here we go!!!!!! It took five long weeks to get our orders (military talk for moving to be ok'd) FIVE WEEKS!!!! Seriously why can't people work together. Why do others not take family seriously! Like jobs!!! To them they are an employee, to me he is a husband, to the kids he is daddy. I'm sure later in life he won't matter to them. EVERYONE DO YOUR STINK'N JOB! I personally think the whole world is sitting on Facebook at work! (Of course myself included!) As you have seen here I started a new Journey. Selling Thirty-one gifts products. I think that in two days I have had everything in the world to possibly go wrong.....go wrong. declined credit cards, angry customers, exchanges, and I can keep going. It's not the company and it's not the products. The exchange is not really a problem because I of course had to learn anyways. But why do people feel they have to lie or be ugly. I do have a temper and a mouth but when it comes to stuff like this it probably is the only time you'll ever see me be quiet. I am Physically hurt is probably why!!!! I just don't understand the need for people to be like this. It just has to be a hard, hard way to live! Exhausting for me to even peek into the lives of people like this. I'm sad and yes I did cry! I'm stressed and I don't feel real well! The movers are going to be here next Tuesday. I worry about others watching my kids while they are packing us up and I don't even know why because they are my closest friends! We had a frozen pizza last night for dinner because we have nothing in the house and I feel bad about that. I can't stand it when my family doesn't have a well balanced meal. seriously kills me! We are a meat and potatoes kind of family! I really don't even know what to do with my time right now. The laundry is done, the house is clean and just going to get messed up by the movers, I can't grocery shop, I don't go shopping in general (for other stuff). I am happy that it's Memphis's true loves birthday party tomorrow. Elizabeth turns 3 years old! I love that little girl! You can see her photo if you scroll down on the right side of the blog. It's the one where Memphis looks like he is putting a ring on her finger. I'm tired! I'm stressed! I'm scared of the un-known in a new town! I'm scared of no friends! I'm scared of no new church yet! I'm scared to do it all by myself again while hubby's working! I'm scared the kids are going to be off their rocker living in a hotel til we find a house. I just need to vent! I know it'll be okay and things will seem so much easier tomorrow. But, I just need to vent for today. I know that I am blesses for having a great husband! I know that I have a great life and great kids! I have great friends here and every ones healthy...well except my cold?!?! I just needed to vent! I know tomorrow will be different, I know this! I am now going to read the post from Michael's mom on her blog. Today is Michael's birthday. He would've turned 10 yrs. today. Obviously my pitty party is nothing compaired to the lose of a child and life of learning to live without him. I seriously need to remind myself of this! check out here blog but grab a tissue first.


  1. Dearest Gina,
    Absolutely nothing wrong with all that you are feeling. When a move is necessary, particularly after you have made so many friends and settled your life where you are, it can be so sad and disheartening. Everything is magnified to the hundredth degree, and your emotions are right on your sleeve where they can be "smooshed" easily. It is a time for tears and a "what am I going to do" train of thought.
    However, in the back of your mind I'm sure you already know this: in times like these we realize just how much we need the peace of God and how treasured His peace really is. When life seems out of control and all we can do is weep, He comforts. When all around us is changing and there seems nothing familiar in sight, He is the familiar--the comfort zone.
    I am sure your days ahead will be both rewarding and tearful but, either way, they will be filled with the presence of God. He will place you among new friends who will, along with your old ones, form the network you need of fellowship and strength.
    Be encouraged. God has not forgotten you. As Isaiah states, He has "engraved you on the palm of His hand". What a wonderful place to be.
    I am praying for you.

    In Grace,

  2. Thank you! Man, I wished you live near me and Tammy! You would soooo be my go to person in times of stress! Things already seem better this morning. We were fed by Tammy and her hubby last night. (Full belly's Mmmmm!) Hubby took the day off today and everything was kinda fixed with the whole work thing. Yes, a new day! Thank you God!

  3. I am glad you were able to vent, and guess what? Today was a better day, wasn't it? =) Love you!