Thursday, July 2, 2009

My sweet Elizabeth!


Today we celebrated my best friends daughters birthday. Elizabeth turns three on the fourth of July and celebrated with a party today! She is my little sweety and for sure feels like my own but without the birthing part...WooHoo! We love her so much and I have enjoyed watching her grow and change daily. Wooooo! You should hear her talk and the things she can say and the looks she can give. She is for sure ALL girl! I don't think I have ever met anyone that Memphis has loved so much! For a couple years now Memphis has loved her and even before Tammy and I even met. They were in Church toddler class together and Memphis would run around the room kissing her. We had such a wonderful time celebrating today and of course it was all so perfect! Tammy had a pool party and made little paper "food" bags with of course the perfect daily diet food allowance meals! Hot dog and bun, lil' bag of goldfish, lil' bag of crackers, lil' bag of sliced carrots and water. Her goody bag table was decorated to the hilt and had instructions for everyone to pick and choose from items. She made an amazing four layered heart shaped cake and her cakes are always yummy! To top it off it was a NO GIFT PARTY! Leave it to Tammy to always be so amazing and generous and loving even on days that they can just receive! She decided to have everyone bring as much diapers, wipes, clothing, formula, etc. and donate it all the the woman's pregnancy center in honor of Elizabeth's birthday. It was nice that I was able to explain something like that to my son when he asked if we were going to buy her a gift. I hope he learned why! She did however have a mail box set up for Elizabeth to receive cards and sweet messages. Even though we didn't do gifts Memphis(mommy) did go and buy her, her first bouquet of roses. We made them into a little tiny bouquet and he gave them to her when we arrived. What an amazing day and an amazing message to share with the kids. Thanks again Tammy for a wonderful day!
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  1. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I'm so sorry we missed it!

  2. This was sweet Gina, you made me cry...