Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update....on us!

I think it's been about two weeks that we have lived in our new town. It has been crazy! Between me being sick and then Sawyer getting sick and Memphis being bored and Brent getting sick of hearing about me being sick and bored. We were able to get out and about a bit and we were able to find a house! Trust me it wasn't easy though!I'm about over living in a hotel and eating out! Ahhhhhhhhh! Seriously! If I see one more chicken nugget I think I'm gonna scream! Here we go! So, I'll start with the house hunt. We or should I say I found an INCREDIBLE house outside of town towards Brent's work and we put down a deposit on it only to find out that two people were taking deposits on the same house...soooooo...they took it away! They wanted to find us another house but I absolutely had no respect for their company and refused to use them. Not a good way to run a business! Grrrrr! But, I guess God had other plans for us. That has to be the case! We did find a house and it's cute! We are renting but plan on buying a house after this lease is up. Here is the house.
When Brent was off over the weekend we got a chance to drive around for a bit. We went downtown to a little mini farmer market and met some great people. They invited us to their church but we weren't able to get our selves up and going on Sunday! We really do miss our church in Tallahassee! The people in green are from the church and the other photo's are from downtown and they also had a tent set up for kids book reading and activitiesI know I'm going collage happy but bare with me. It's the easiest way to show all the photo's. If you just click on a certain photo you can view it closer. Anywho, The kids have come up with ways to make the hotel room fun! Between jumping on the bed or playing with Memphis's underwear by placing on their heads. They seem to have found a way to make it fun. we also have found a couple parks to which Memphis announces himself as so "Hi Everyone! My name is Memphis and I live in here now! Do you want to be my friend?" AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS!!! It's just so sad that he is so shy! I did add a couple photo's of us out to dinner eating at a Hibachi place.
Another night daddy was the hero when he had asked Memphis if he wanted to go play games at Chuck E. Cheese before we went to dinner. Memphis must have told him I love you a million times that night. I'm not sure who had more fun. The kids or Brent?!?!
I know that my last post was so sad and I'm not going to lie to you....I'm still so sad! I miss my friends and their kids. I really do have the best friends ANYONE could have. Be Jealous! I pray and pray and pray that God would send someone that is just as amazing into my life. Then I can take her to go visit my friends in Tally! Anyways, They loaded up the kiddos and drove to see us yesterday. Between six children playing in a hotel room, a one hour sleepy no nap and hungry time change! A hot day at the park and a trip to McDonald's. One trip in two cars to see our new house and an afternoon in the hotel pool I think everyone was exhausted and they still had to drive back! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I thank you for making the trip and loving me enough by acting like it was no problem and a breeze to do it! Know...I would do anything for you all too!BTW I have know idea why the font and underlining just was added to this post! Geeez oh Pete! I have to figure out this blogging thing..TeeHee!

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