Monday, August 31, 2009

Did I offend?

So I wanted to post this because I wanted to see if you think I offended him. Him being the Pastor of my new church! I just have so many questions and so many thoughts running through my mind ALL the time! I didn't really get the reply that I wanted but that's for me to deal with. I almost felt it was a little "in your face" or maybe just rushed because he was on vacation. I kinda wished he waited til he was back. if you have been keeping up with my blog and don't know me personally you do know that I am very blunt and never mean to offend anyone. Sometimes things just don't come out of my mouth right! So here it is my letter to the Pastor.
Hi friend!
Okay so I'm so torn I decided to write you and ask for your opinion! So yesterday was our second service and we of course thought it was great! There is so much truth to having your family love the Lord and it was a great sermon! But, I am having a hard time. Ya see I'm a baby Christian and I need a teacher. I look for a "teacher" of the bible (and maybe someone that can make me laugh a bit to keep my attention) and that is some what why I asked you if you just choose a topic and preach on it. I am so use to going book by book and learning. You probably think I'm lazy and that I should take with me what you have said and read the bible myself but that is not it at all. I am wondering if you possibly go through the books of the bible in your small groups?!?! I was also wondering and haven't noticed if you have a women's bible study? I didn't see one listed and that is for sure something that is needed in my life (with child care) during the day! Isn't it Titus 2 that you really shouldn't be going to a man about questions that you should be going to the wise women of the church! Not so good for women to be going to other men for answers! I would love to say that I have all the time in the world to sit around studying the bible and reading it but I would be a liar and so would every other mother out there that said it was so...I think?!?! Because...geez! oh! pete! Between breakfast, lunch, dinner, daily routines, bath times, twenty billion dirty diaper changes a day, screaming kids, crying kids and maybe a shower and a wee bit of time to spend with your husband I try to fit in some reading in there but all to many time interrupted! That's why I said a bible study during the day with child care =)! I just have so many questions and so often! I am surely not trying to compare you with my old church (okay maybe a little bit) I love your children's program and think that is awesome! My son is three and I love the fact that he knows scripture and you too think that it's not to young to start forming their hears! I know there are a TON'S of Godly women running around your church and know a lot about the bible and I think that's great but what about us peep's that don't have a clue. I have been through Luke and 1 Corinthians and have a whole lot to say about that!!! But other than that it is just pieces through out the bible. Man I just found out that Presbyterians believe in predestination and know I have a whole lot to say about that. I need an outlet. We will be at the 101 class for sure (Unless we have ill children) and are looking forward to loading you all down with questions! I apologize to if I come on to strong because I am one of those people you either love or just don't want to be around! We will however be giving you all a break by not being in town next Sunday but will hopefully be listening to your sermon via Internet! Thanks for your time! Gina Mortimer
So the it is and here was my response that I received:
Hey Gina, sorry for the delay in response. My family and I are on vacation this week. We will return this Saturday. I will be preaching on Family Ministry pt 2 this Sunday. Labor Day we will observe the Lord's Supper. Starting September 13, I will start an 8 week series on Matthew 5. After that I probably do a series on Psalm 23. The next book that I will preach through will "probably" be Hebrews. I will go verse by verse, chapter by chapter. The exact date I am not sure. However, preaching through Matthew 5 and Psalm 23 will great and I am excited. My small group will be studying Luke 15 for a couple of weeks and then we will venture into Matthew 5 along with the series I am preaching on Sunday. So we will talk about Matthew 5 on Sunday morning and during Small groups.

I will comment next week on the womens Bible study, etc...

I am sure I am reading to much into this but I like the church a lot and I feel horrible if I was rude in any way!

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  1. Gina,
    I am so grateful that you are making friends and beginning to enjoy your new surroundings. I have thought and prayed about you a lot in this regard. Relocation is tough but time does allow us to go forward in new relationships and strengthens family ties.
    Now, I do not think you were being rude to lay your needs before your pastor. Though you cannot go back to your old church or bring your old church to you, it is okay to miss all that. Many of your needs were met there and your walk with God developed there. It is okay to remember where God has brought you from.
    Now let's consider where you are. While it may be true that there are certain things you need for spiritual growth, it may also be true that God brought you to this church to help develop opportunity for others to grow as well. What I mean is, by your questioning and raising awareness of your needs, you may be giving just the push that is needed for these areas to be developed in your church as well. Women's Bible study is unique in that the needs of men and women are so different. We need older, Godly women to share with us how God has brought them through life and how they have learned to depend upon the Lord for their own needs and the needs of their families. Our children need more than just a Sunday School class---they need to be taught praise and worship and scripture with other little ones. And, personal Bible study is important and should be a priority but not at the neglect of the family God has given us and the obligations we have to them.
    You see, Gina, having a relationship with God includes all the things you inquired of your pastor. But, more importantly, it requires a balancing act from all of us who serve Him. A balancing act that says "in the midst of all of this, I desire time with you most of all. I desire to know you in a way that will guide me through the peaceful times as well as the times of turmoil and/or difficulty." When you reach that point---the point where knowing God becomes all consuming---the point where having His presence in your life is most important of all---then He will meet you at that point and will lead you and guide you into a deeper realtionship with Him.
    I have no doubt that your questions and your zeal for God have already provoked the thinking of your pastor. I feel certain he is contemplating the needs of not only yourself, but others in the congregation as well. Allow him time to seek the Lord as you do likewise. Follow along in the Bible studies he teaches and absorb what God brings forth. As God works through you, His great plan will reveal itself and you will be growing in Him all the while. The rest will follow in God's timing.
    Know that you are in my prayers. I, too, have been hungry for more of God. May I quote His precious Word: "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled." I look forward to hearing how God just fills you to the brim with His Spirit and His grace. I love you dearly, my sweet friend.

    In Grace,