Monday, September 28, 2009

Peanut Stacking, Farmers Market & a Stump Chuckin' festival!

Like usual life is great when daddy is home! On Saturday we tried to get out and about and have some fun. It's amazing how much we got done by 1pm! We hit the Farmers market at 8:30 in the morning and I was a able to pick up a Ginormous bag of fresh wheat flour and a jar of homemade Salsa. We then hit up the Peanut Stacking event. I figured since we live in the Peanut Capital we should learn all about it! It was super fun and a little hot out! Yuck!Thankfully I was prepared with Veggie stix (chips)and lots of water. The two older gentleman were super fun to talk to and we learned alot about the old school ways of using a mule to dig the ground, the shaking process and then the stacking! It's now my fall back job! Ha! Ha! After we grabbed a little lunch we went to a small, small town and checked out the Stump Chuckin' Festival. Still not quite sure of the whole process of Stump Chuckin' but the kids had some fun in the bounce houses they had there. It was an early day when we got back to the house but we had gotten so much don so early! Fun!

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