Sunday, October 4, 2009

Memphis's 4th Birthday party!

Well technically Memphis doesn't turn four until Tuesday so I will save my tears for then. But, we were able to drive back to Tallahassee and celebrate Memphis turning four with all our friends. It was great seeing everyone and Memphis has such a love for all of his friends. It makes me sad that we aren't near them anymore but happy that we don't have to drive real far if we are having absolute friend with drawls! I'm a lucky girl to have such great friends. They really helped us out with this party! My friend Tammy made Memphis's cake this year and it was amazing! I talked like she had a choice...Ha! Ha! I think our conversation went something like this. Me...."Hey, watcha doing next week?" Tammy...."Oh! nothing I think." Me..."Will you make Memphis's birthday cake and Oh! check your inbox I e-mailed you a photo of Bob the Blob!" She is truly amazing! Her children weren't feeling that great and she just got home recently from a long trip to Tennessee for a MOPS convention but still made our cake! YAY! US! And YAY! For friends like her!

We all had a really great time eating pizza and playing games. Tammy's cake was yummy of course!

Our friend Amanda (Madison her daughter) got Memphis tickets to the Dinosaur exhibit at the Hands on Mary Brogan Museum downtown. So after loading all of our stuff a bunch of us headed to the Museum to see the Dinosaurs and play with all their hands on craziness! Thank you Amanda we loved it and it made Memphis's day!

I just want to add this message for my friends! Thank you for all of your help and being there for us! I honestly don't know what we'd do without having friends like you in our lives. You love us unconditionally, pray for us, take care of our needs as friends can do and make us laugh! I hope that anyone that reads this has the chance to have friends like this in their lives

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  1. I had so much fun and loved it that Brian made it a famiy day for us as much fun! Happy b day sweet Memphis