Monday, October 19, 2009

Call me the Pied Piper...But I won't like it!

UGH!!! This is an awful post! Say it ain't so!!!!! It is so though! I guess I should start off to when Brent and I were dating. See we have a long, long history of mice in our relationship and it is almost a little funny. I said ALMOST! See when Brent I were dating and he lived in a house with a couple other guys that were in the Coast Guard.He told me a story about how he had been battling a mouse forever. Eventually he ended up killing this witty little thing that almost out smarted him. Although they new it was dead (by the smell in their house) but they could not locate the dead rodent. I think it wasn't til Brent and I moved in together is when he found it behind their ironing board...YUCK! When Brent and I got married we rented a two bedroom townhouse in Destin,Florida. It was our first place as a married couple. Brent, me, and our dog Maka which was a 120 pound mixed boxer/bull mastiff! Eventually after we moved in we noticed Maka kept freaking out at the sliding glass door and soon as we let him out he'd bolt on over to our grill. A RAT!!!!!! Yes, a Rat was living in our grill and eating up all of our delicious remainders of grilled fish and T-bone steaks! So we had the exterminator come out and put out poison which by the way he sucked down like it was an appetizer! So, Brent had told me the next time I saw the dog run to the grill to hit the Quick start button and light it on fire. I was a little freaked out by this and new this just sounded to easy. If you know me then nothing sounds this perfect in the land of Gina! Back in the day Brent and I were both Bartenders for a huge night club and he occasionally managed there as well. Along with that he was in the Coast Guard reserves and went to school. This one evening he had to work and I had the night off. So sitting around late night watching a little t.v. I see Maka the dog jet to the back sliding door. I just new that he had seen the RAT!! So I opened the door and he took off to the grill and so did I. I remember Brent saying to just hit the Quick start and catch this sucker on fire but I was just so darn nervous. So I did it! I lit it up! The grill was afire! I heard nothing?!?! I had to peek! I lifted the grill and out jumped a RAT ON FIRE! Bad part was I forgot to close the sliding glass door and I now had a rat that was literally on fire running through the down stairs of our house! Maka chased it under the chair and then into the corner. I was thinking quick and grabbed the lid to our Angel food cake that we had sitting on the counter and caught him. But, what was I to do now? Cry of course! I was bawling and a little ill by the smell of this ALIVE burnt up Rat. Amazed that this little creature apparently had nine lives. I called my husband and was in hysterics and told him he had to come home mid shift and dispose of him. Of course our boss and everyone we worked with laughed at me and thought I was a little off my rocker. But, it was gone and it was all so traumatic! We eventually moved to Raleigh and of course once again we had a mouse. I never saw it because Brent killed it when he saw it one early morning. See ya'll I would like to add that it doesn't matter how clean you are or what you do because anyone can have a mouse. I am a little OCD and I scrub, clean,and bleach everything and I vacuum almost everyday because what I can't see freaks me out! Here is a photo of my fridge that everyone use to make fun of me about. I AM A NEAT FREAK AND GOD SENDS ME RATS AND MICE TO LET ME KNOW I'M NOT IN CONTROL!! So here we are in our new state of Alabama in our new house. The cutest and best house we have ever rented. Big! Roomy! I love it! So last night I got up and went to the kitchen to get some carrot sticks (what I call chips to make me feel better) I scream and jump because what do I see...a MOUSE! Yes! Running across my kitchen floor! Brent comes running out screaming what? what? So I start to spell it R~A~T~.....R~A~T because I didn't want the kids to hear. So what does he do? He says "Speak up Gina did you say a RAT!" Luckily Memphis wasn't scared but he did however decide to name it! I can't wait til we buy our first house. At least we'll own the rat!


  1. Well normally the advice that I give is to get a cat. A cat has solved every mouse problem, I've ever had! Just so you know, my husband would have to come home to dispose of the rat for me too. AND probably have to talk me into going back into the house afterward. :-)

  2. The rat on fire running through the house has to be the funniest thing I've heard in a while!! haha

  3. Forget about the rat, I tell everyone about my OCD friend with the neatest fridge in the world.. Love the pict :)