Monday, October 19, 2009

All about me!

Do you know what time it is! Blog hopping Monday...WooHoo! Obviously if the theme is going to be post some of your favorite photo's then I am going to tell you how awesome my family and friends are! If you are bored by that then you can just pop down to the next post about my traumatic Rat encounter! I wish that I could say that I have incredible photo's of rolling hills and crashing waves but no! I do however have an occasional accidental photo of my toe. I have no idea how people have an eye for that. My sister in law takes amazing photo's and she is self taught. Matter of fact my ALL TIME favorite photo EVER is hanging on my wall and she is the one that took it. It is a photo of Brent and I on our wedding day...non-posed! So here we go....
(If you find that you want to read the small print then just click on the photo)

This one was hard. I had to scroll through old photo's of Memphis and it made me sad. You know when people say your kids will grow quicker then you think you should believe them! Memphis is Four now and this is a couple things that I have heard from him this past week. Mommy I'm four now so I get to use a big fork. By the way he wasn't using an infant fork just a small dessert fork. Then on Sunday on the way to church he says. Mommy why do you always come and check on me at church? I told him that I just worry about him and wanna make sure you are safe. His reply was mommy we are just learning about God and stuff and no ones gonna steal me so you can go check on Sawyer now. A four year olds way of telling me he's a big boy. ((sniff))((sniff))
I had to take a photo out Ya' sorry!
Here is Sawyer who is SASSY as ever. WooHoo! This boys got an attitude and he's only 17months old. He just cracks me up and I love to watch how he apes Memphis's every move. He adores his big brother. One thing that I have done since he was 11 weeks old is tell him I love him and kiss him on his forehead the second he wakes up every morning. You may think that everyone does this but he came close to death at 11 weeks and I remember thinking that I never told him I loved him as much as I should have. Now it's a cuddly routine!

This is my family and they are awesome! They are always so supportive. I'm missing a couple on here like Pappy Pappy (Brent's dad), Pappy Jim (Brent's step dad) and Grandma Wanda. I am truly lucky to not only have great parents but AMAZING in-laws that I truly love with all my heart. Sometimes it's strange to hear people say that they dislike their in-laws.

These are our dogs. Maka is in heaven now and even though it has been over a year we still think about him alot. Maka was my baby before I had babies! I got him when he was three days shy of four weeks old. He lived a great life and was an amazing dog. He got Cancer and it wiped out his body in a matter of weeks and had no other choices. Trust me I would have payed anything to fix him. The other dog is our Hound. We still have this silly goofy 87 pound hound. He is super protective and occasionally thinks he's a lap dog...UGH! He misses Maka alot!

I just figured I'd give you some randoms! I couldn't even imagine my life not being as exactly as it is right here and now. I am truly happy and extremely thankful!
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  1. Love all your family pics, and the dog too!

  2. Thank you so much for coming by my blog and for your complement to my boys. Your boys are little cuties too, love all your pictures.

    Daily laying it at the Master's feet!
    Laura Ann