Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 8th! Me and the love of my life!

I'm excited that this weeks blog hop fell right on my anniversary. The theme today was anything that makes you feel good ie: joke, person, scripture. No matter the theme though I would still be posting on how much I love my hubby! Not only is he an incredible husband he is also an amazing father! I am one of the lucky ones that married a man that prefers to be home with his family. Except hunting season when he thinks turkeys and deer are way more entertaining then me and the kiddo's! He doesn't lie and he doesn't curse. I'd say that he doesn't raise his voice but he is only human! I have some how conformed him into my ridiculous ways of cleaning as sometimes I sit back and see how he scrubs out the kitchen sink with comet cleaner after the dishes were done.I'm a little OCD but in the clean house kinda way! Even after a day of being at work in the hot sun and on the air boat all day doing his job he still comes home to play hide and seek with the kids and fly them around like a space ship!
This morning I woke up and walked to the kitchen automatically looking for some kind of card (he always leaves me a card). But, it wasn't there! For a second my heart sank, that is until I opened the cabinet to get my coffee cup for my morning coffee. There sat a card. A homemade card that told me how much he loved me and how much he appreciates me and how he is amazed at all that I do and yet can still keep a smile on my face.He wrote that he wished that this would be the year that he could do something amazing for our anniversary.
But we have found through the eight years of marriage and the nine years total of being together that some how we are always a little strapped. I am truly thankful for my wonderful husband and happy that he is an amazingly great provider. I don't need anything shiny, pretty, or expensive. All I want is him and yes he is the one thing in my life that makes me happy and feel good....along with my kids! Happy anniversary Brent! I love you!
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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your love..Happy Anniversary:)

  2. i love these photos, I had not seen some of these before!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I love finding other "lucky women"! It's great to have a great guy!!

  4. What a wonderful anniversary post. I too end up enjoying most not the shiny present but the time we spend alone on our anniversary, sans kids!