Monday, April 5, 2010

I didn't cry until she sang!

I know, I know! Every time I get on my blog I say that I am officially caught up and will be posting again and then I find myself just swamped with stuff to do. I miss posting! I miss a clean house to! I think as my meet up group grew it kinda consumed me along with growing. Everyday I kinda feel myself stepping back a bit and once again after getting 177 members I am looking for a third Asst. Organizer. I'm not saying that it's all been crazy but right now it's all so over whelming. I'm not good with over whelming...nor sad, scared, nervous, angry, and many other feelings! But yesterday I felt them all. Yesterday was Good Friday. Although we had plans of walking through our church to see a small set up for good Friday they had I spent my evening learning about a friend that had passed. Margo Menger! I had posted a photo of her previously. She had a rare Liver cancer and she was only 30 years old. She was a wife and a mother to a sweet little three year old girl named Tahiri. I'm going to show you how my brain works. It took about 35 minutes to drive up there and I had been running late. Brent hadn't filled the AC in the Trooper so all the windows were down. It was 84 degrees and sunny. Do you ever look up to the sky and the sun and think how beautiful and get goose bumps and think it is a God thing. Well I'm a dork and I do! When I arrived I parked and once again running late so I walked up to the church that was quite large for such and itty bitty town. I stopped for a second and looked up and it was one of those churches that would be amazing for a wedding. HUGE front to it with four huge pillars and all white. I can picture it in my head and then stopped to think for a moment about Margo's husband. The service had just started and that talked about her life and about she wasn't even suppose to have had one or at least not a fruitful one. The doctors said she wasn't suppose to live 12 hours into her life and she did and then they said that her life would be short due to a bad liver and she was now thirty. They told her she couldn't have kids because it would kill her and she had little Tahiri! When she was diagnosed with Cancer they said it was stage four and she would be gone in 6 months and no doctor would help her! But many did and she eventually went into remission although the cancer came back. I wonder what they considered fruitful because I don't think their definition was the same as hers. Although my group is over whelming I do think God chose me to build it and through that group I got to meet Margo.During the service I got to see a slide show of photo's as they do at most funerals and memorials. I watched her smile, dance and roller skate as well as other things she loved so much. I found out that even when she had been diagnosed with Cancer that she had continued her studies to finish her degree during surgeries and chemo therapy! She had her mind set on missions trip to Japan and that's what she had needed! I looked around at so many people as I sat alone on that pew of that big old church. I watched to see who had a continuous smile and I watched through my own swollen eyes who was crying after every word. I did cry! A lot! But, I didn't start crying until this woman stepped to the front and started to sing. She had this amazing voice! You know the kind of voice that sang swing low sweet chariot.....blah, blah, blah. I held it together so well until then. by the way, no, she did not sing that song. After the service the family stepped to the front so everyone could share their condolences and such. I decided I was going to take a moment and say good bye to Margo's mom I had just recently met before she flew back to New Hampshire. Beside her stood Ben her husband and I could feel my heart creeping into my throat and beating faster and faster until I thought I was going to vomit. Seriously! I then decided to leave. I never had the chance to meet Ben but I love how even in the time of sorrow that he stood at the front of the church and flung his arms open wide and yelled to the crowd come and hug with a huge smile on his face! I do want to leave you with one story. On Ben and Margo's first date Margo almost never went. They told a story how he got all dressed up and grabbed a big bouquet of flowers like a gentleman does and headed on over to her house. He rang the door bell and as she answered he stopped her in her tracks by saying "Hey, before we even go out I need to tell you something! God, said I'm going to marry you! You are going to be my wife! I just wanted to let you know that!" She was taken back a bit and almost never went. Thank goodness she did! Because if you could only see love!

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