Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Look what I learned to do!

Okay, yes, I know I am a dork and half maybe even more than half of the world knows how to do this....but I did not! This is my best friends Blog called Tammy on the go and I stumbled across this blog one day and so thankful I did. She is so cute and I love to hear about her everyday happenings! Her blog is Jenna's Jargon and she takes the most incredible photo's ever! See for yourself here at her project 365 and then another blog that I had stumbled across while blog hopping is A moment in grace She is just incredible! I live off of Fiddledeedee for all my couponing needs. She is AWESOME and incredibly sweet. I use to go to church with her. I read i love you best and never gone once without crying. She makes me truly thankful for my children. My heart hurts for her daily. Okay, so you get the point of what I learned. I probably could go on and on about the blogs I love and the hyper links! YAY! ME!


  1. haha!! I'm tickled that you just figured out the hyperlinks!!! Now you can go hyperlink crazy!!! Thanks for the sweet shoutout!