Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just a few "favs"! Up and blog hopping again!

I guess we all love pictures for different reasons. This picture isn't the greatest at all. It was actually like a billion degrees under the"big top"! But it reminds me that I actually ventured out while my husband was out of town and took the boys to the circus by my self. I wished that Brent could have been there as well but we had a ton of fun.
Memphis and I being silly!We put veggie stix in our mouths and we were being coodie bugs....can't you tell?!?!
Sawyer can pull of any outfit! My lil' cutie
I love that my husband is such a dork! We can always be dorks together! This was our first ever pizza making night!
Just a fun day! This was about a week ago or so at the 4th annual paws fest. That's right a festival of paws. Not sure why I was annoyed when I stepped in poo! Such a fun day....until our car broke down! But still a fun day!
I have always loved this photo. I can't emphasize enough of what a daddies boy Sawyer is.Nothing has changed since they day he was born. I now look forward to his screeching and leaping across the room when daddy arrives home from work everyday as if he hadn't seen him for a year!
They are brothers and are at each other constantly but I love the times when they hug all over each other or Memphis looks back to check on his brother and take him by the hand.I love being around my friend Tammy. I can always be myself and she loves me for who I am....even if I act a bit stupid!

I love this photo! Not only because Memphis is kissing on me but I know that it is also the day we found our the sex of Sawyer. We celebrated with a visit to Chuck E. Cheese!
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