Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Continued! Journey to the new me...Never make fun of the instructor!

I'm going to sound like a radio host and say I'd like to give a shout out to Wade....Hollar! Apparently, I have some fans at my hubby's work or they might just be reading this blog to figure out how sorry they should feel for him because his wife is a Wack-a-doo! Either way I'm good with it! What I'm not good with is how my body feels today! I never mentioned this in my last posts but besides the Zumba class I took last week and the Yoga class. I also took an Ab's and back class. Yup! That's what it's called "Ab's and back" I never went back to Zumba because of all the jiggling meaning "my fat" but I have been back to Yoga which is still great....except for that same size one, pink, pony tail wearing girl of course (I think I'm over exaggerating now because I think I said she was a size 5 last time). Anyways, this is my second A & B class that I have taken and HOLY COW this is without a doubt the most painful!I'm gonna give you a visual. When I took the class last Tuesday I thought to myself that it might be easier to sit next to the door just in case I wanted to sneak out....Hmmmm....not so much! Here in walks a very toned and kinda ripped (abs of course) shorter African-American man! The name is Pomeroy he said! He was crazy! He was way to funny! Yikes! He was trying to make me vomit! I think he saw me staring at the door and that's when he walked over and shut it and stood in front of it! IT WAS THE MOST PAINFUL HOUR OF MY LIFE! This is coming from someone that's had two C-sections! How is it possible that I'd rather rip 20 kids from my stomach then take one Ab's and back class...alright I'm sticking with initials..A & B class! So, through out the week I started to feel a little better and told the hubby that I was for sure going to stick with this class.So here's my point to my post. Monday I was at the front of the gym near the desk and heard "Pomeroy" talking. He was being silly and going on and on asking if Tuesday the day of his class which was ST. PATTY'S DAY! Would they in fact be closed. I finally heard so much coming from his mouth that I had to (yes, I said HAD to and if you know me that's true) I had to say "Oh! Yes! They close down every where for St.Patty's day for everyone to drink green beer and Oh! watch out for Cinco DE mayo! I heard that they are making them both federal holidays! So start stocking up on Corona now! (Ahhhhhhh! there's that stocking word from a previous post) Anywho I'm in so much pain and I think he tried to make me shed some tears. I think I might have but didn't let anyone see. Strictly only shed a tear when I was in a crunch position or was I in the fetal position.....either way he didn't forget what I had said to him the night before and he made sure that I was aware of it! Never make fun of your fitness instructor!

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