Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wow! What a difference a day makes!

What a glorious day! I know that already this sounds way different from yesterday. I almost wanted to start yesterday's post with a couple potty mouth words and I can't even remember the last curse word I said...except I'm known for throwing around the word Ca ca poo! Why does life seem so much easier when my hubby is home? I didn't get to sleep in and I snapped at him for trying to load the car before I had a chance to see if I had everything since we were going to be out for majority of the day. Maybe because I got to drink a full cup of coffee?!?! I usually have to keep re-heating it in the microwave because I'm running after two kids.Well doesn't matter much other than I love it when my husband is home! We met up with some friends at a St.Patty's day festival on this nice warm day. The kids played and played! I entered a couple drawings for some stuff and won....a T-shirt! We headed to a birthday party of a friend of ours little girl that turned 3 yr. today! I'm not going to lie because I ate and ate... alot! Two hot dogs, chips, cake and a soda. Does it help that I only had a yogurt with Grape Nuts in it for breakfast? Actually it was the off brand called "Nutty Nuts" I had to tell you that because I think it just sounds funny.."Nutty Nuts"! Ha! Ha! This is no real inside story to this post other than it's to let my hubby know that he's great and that I love him and that my days are so much better with him around. Today I stood there at the park kinda tuning everyone out and thought to myself as I stared around that things could be some much different and not in the good way. I could be alone, no kids, never married, Hung over from a night of drinking at a club, still asleep on this beautiful day that I would have missed, Married and still feeling alone, divorced and feeling alone, Not a Christian and envying everyone else's life. I can just keep going and going but I will tell you that I stopped and looked at my husband that was holding a friend of mines infant daughter as he was talking man talk to another gentleman that we met. Memphis was playing with play dough at a picnic table and blowing one of those birthday tooter horns and Sawyer was playing a game of look what I can do by throwing his toys on the ground and having me pick it up a million times and thought that there is no where in the world that I would rather be than right there! On the way home I made sure that I leaned over to my husband and tell him how much I appreciate him being so wonderful.I know there are times when I am just a poop head and should just hush up and realize what I have and need to take the good with the little bit of (I'm not going to say bad)not my ideal perfect!

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