Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zumba....I guess my husband can dance!

Okay, so this post is going to be all over the place! Kinda like how I was taking a Zumba exercise class at the YMCA this morning. they said to me...try and keep up! So, on the quest for the new and improved me I decided to take a bunch of classes at the YMCA to figure out which ones I want to stick with. I have heard so much about Zumba and how it's the new hip dance/exercise class! I figured that being from Miami and also loved going clubbing and dancing growing up that this would be the class for me. I was soooo wrong but I still might try it again. Okay, so now I'm going to jump around. I woke up early this morning (not by choice of course) about 5:45 am or so and started to get the house cleaned a little and spend some time with Sawyer before everyone woke up. Only one thing...I couldn't bend! I AM SO SORE from going to the gym yesterday! Sawyer and I had a stare off and I was almost at the point of begging him to jump into my arms because MaMa just couldn't bend down quite yet.....Ouch! I broke my body on the first day and yes I drank a bunch of water...Missi! I did get to the point to where I felt a little better and I headed to the gym around 8a.m. I walked on the tread mill for 45 minutes and decided I was going to take a Zumba class. When I walked in I saw a girl sitting on the ground and asked if she was the instructor or a student and she said she was a student. She told me it was her first time to the class to. I was so happy to hear that and told her that I was going to stand next to her for moral mess-up support! So in comes the instructor and started very quickly with no introduction of any sort. She was spunky and could see I was struggling with the "Get your freak on moves". I also realized that next payday I will be heading out to buy a sports brawl! (Did I spell that right?) Either way if I didn't ....They did look like they were fighting! The music is loud and fun and the instructor is jammin' and I am so lost..Oh! wait now I'm not...Okay I'm lost again. I then turn to look at the other new girl and she is breaking it down! She is awesome! I gave her a shrug like what the heck and she then stated...Oh! I have taken dance my entire life and I then called her a jerk and politely smiled and scooted away from her! Okay, I'm going to jump around again and talk about how I love to dance again. I really do love to dance. Every night of the week growing up I was at a club. In Miami or when I lived in Destin. I was a bartender and danced around the bar to while the music was playing. After I met Brent we went to clubs and danced together and I would make fun of him and tell he danced like a goof. He would then tell me that I look silly because when I dance I look up at the ceiling. On that note... I have just figured out that I shouldn't have taken the Zumba class at all. See I have always loved to dance and thought that I was good at it but Brent says I look up at the ceiling. But, Maybe I have no rhythm at all and can't dance at all and haven't noticed because I don't look down!Maybe I just don't know what the bottom half of my body was doing all this time! Maybe I can't dance and Brent can!!!!! So now I'm not sure about anything anymore and apologized to Brent when I got home and told him if he wanted to shake his groove thing that he is more than welcome to anytime. I will keep my groove thing hidden for a while until I figure out what I'm doing.


  1. Between the time change, church, the gym and then off to fellowship group I just couldn't find the time! I thought Sunday was the day of rest! What the heck happened to yesterday...crazy I tell ya!