Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I took Granddaddy for show & tell!

So yesterday was suppose to be a great day. We finally got an appt. to a specialty hospital to have Sawyer looked at. For those of you that don't know Sawyer got Salmonella at 11 weeks old and it was in his system for 2 months and he has never been the same as far as eating and pooping. So we packed up and took off in the wee morning hours because it was a 2 1/2 hour trip. But, before we left we were notified by a friend that my Grandfather that lives about 45 minutes away from where we were headed was hospitalized there as well. So after Sawyers appt. we made a special trip to see my Granddad. The last time I saw him I was 6 months pregnant with my second child that being Sawyer. He's never met Sawyer and has only met Memphis once. We didn't take the kids all the way into the room because we were originally told that he had pneumonia but we let them stand by the door to say hi and for granddad to see our newest but 10 months old addition. They became a little fussy but a hospital was no fun to begin with so after a little talk of don't touch ANYTHING because EVERYTHING has COODIES!!!! Brent walked them up and down the halls. I sat and talked with my granddad for a bit and couldn't help but cry. They actually weren't sure if he had pneumonia or not and they did a MRI he couldn't breath and didn't have all the answers yet. My granddad has lost a ton of weight since the last time I saw him and he looks so frail almost as if a simple hug would break him. I love my granddad so much! I really can honestly say that out of all my grandparents that I have a special place for him in my heart. When I was very, very little he use to make a monster face for us and creep and crawl down the hallway with his back arched. When I was eight years old and we lived in the Philippines he came to visit and I took him for show and tell. See...I'm not sure how it goes but my great, great, great grandfather was king of Samoa! So being eight and a little girl I went around telling everyone I was a princess. I think in his eyes and I was so thankful that he had come to my class to tell everyone the story. As I grew older I came to him if I had gotten a speeding ticket and didn't want to tell mom and dad or he would occasionally give me a little spending money. We have had an on going joke my entire life that I rubbed off his hair in the spot of the top of his head because I always swirled my finger there. When we spoke he could hardly catch his breath and looking at him knowing that even if he did feel better and headed home that he is still elderly and tired. I couldn't help but cry because it made me sad that when I picture him I still see this strong man giving me strong hugs. Oh! Please! I still picture my STRONG dad mowing the lawn or still in his military uniform smelling like baby lotion that he used in his hair or chap stick that he use on his lips and heading to work so early in the morning. He's now in his mid to late sixties. Also, my mom with her long flowing hair and this silly orange shirt that says "The Beast" with her dancing around the house to her "Oldies" music.She's older now and doesn't dance around the house and has frequent colds and a occasional liver spot on her hand that she says she dislikes. I still picture me as a little girl sometimes when I hold certain conversations. I will probably do another post about the rest of our day but I just wanted to sit and remember how great my grandad is! You would only be lucky to have a granddad half as great as mine!


  1. what an incredibly sweet post :)

  2. That is very sweet. I feel the same way about my grandma. I know that when she leaves earth (which could be anytime-jeez-she's 80!) I will miss her until I can join her again. There is nothing in the world like wonderful grandparents!

  3. I loved reading this post. As you know, family is so very very important to me. It is good to know you feel the same. Don't ever let go of those wonderful memories--they become more precious with the passing of time.
    I love reading your blog and appreciate your kind comments regarding mine as well.
    By the way, the "proposal" picture of your son is so adorable. Children make the world a wonderful place.
    In Grace,