Friday, March 6, 2009

The journey to the new and improved me.

So everyone say's I have to come to terms with the fact that I have had two children and you don't always go back to looking like the original you. I miss the old me and I miss the old me's clothing for sure. I have a closet full of the cutest clothing and of course my favorite pair of banana Republic Jeans. You know the kind you pay a bundle for that look as if they have been dragged behind a car. I am posting here for the world to see and here that I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 158.2! I have lost 3 pounds but I am not even close to fitting into my clothing. On that note... I might add that I have also started as of today going to the YMCA. I loved it! The whole experience! from the second I got into the car I rolled down all the windows (I never do this with the two kids in the car) Then I realized I can listen to something other than the veggie tales. So, I turned it to a station that was playing Beyonce'. As I am bouncing and bopping to "If you like it you should've put a ring on it"...I think that's how it goes. I quickly found myself at the gym. It was soooo quiet even with the sound of clanging equipment. I thought for a second...Hmmmm...I don't have to have a conversation about vomit or sippy cups or even poo. Well, that is until the gassy elderly man stood next to me and I wanted to ask him if he needed to go make poo poo. Either way and all in all it was amazing to be out for a bit and walk on the tread mill and lift some weights. I am hoping to lose some of this baby weight and be the hotty toned up girl for my hubby once again! At the same time feel wonderful being out in public and just being me for a second. I came home today and started to tear up and told Brent how much I thank him for watching the kids and how important this was to me. For me to feel like me again! I think he started to tear up to and just quietly said "Then that makes me happy if you are happy". I'll will keep everyone update on the progress!

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  1. Umm. . . this blog just makes me miss you more :( I think I'll have to stop reading. I wish we could do the mommy thing together still. Ok, enough being sappy! I miss you :)