Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm not a perfect mother and just realized Jesus mother Mary wasn't either!

I probably could write about the journey to the new me least the painful..been to the gym...can't walk..part of it! But, I figured for those of you that do read this then you might get bored. I'm not sure how most everyone else's brain works but mine goes a mile a minute. Thoughts pop in and out of my head like as if I'm reading three novels all at the same time. Like on the way home from the store I thought about how sweet it is that when someone loses a hub cap that people lean it up against a tree to see if anyone is going to maybe claim it. Then I started thinking about my new hair cut and about how frantic I was when I went into a "Cuts By Us' to get it fixed (yes, fixed long story) and usually I wouldn't have gotten my hair cut by the person that did it (I'll get to why in a minute) but she was the only one available that second before my head exploded. Reason I say this is because I look at others hair and think... Hmmmm... If you walked out of the house thinking your hair looked good then what the heck are you going to do to mine! Yikes! I'm the same way at the gym. If I were to pay for a trainer then I would want them to look crazy fit! Not like what I already look like....It's obvious that I know how to eat! Helloooooo! Anywho, the journey to the new me is also about my journey to being a good christian too. Someone who loves the Lord (yes, Brent, I capitalized LORD this time) That is able to talk about how I was saved and how I love Jesus and want an everlasting life in heaven and how he has forgiven me for all my sins....which I still struggle with. Heck! I struggle with everything. I go to Bible study on Wednesday mornings and our Pastors mother teaches it. She is a hoot! She just the right amount of silly and smart just to keep you hanging on her every word. We talked about spreading the word to people that don't know who our savior is. I'm of course not real comfortable with that quite yet and still even taking small steps with this with my children. I'm one of those people that probably could if I and/or them shared our life stories and then I'd surely be able to but I can't just walk right up to someone and say Hey Girlie! Do you know God? They probably would expect great things to come from my mouth and maybe a scripture here and there and that just wouldn't happen! I'm also scared that God is going to bring someone into my life that needs me to talk to them and bring them to the Lord and I'm just going to screw it up and scare them away. Hellooooo! If you are listening...I'm not quite ready...Big Guy! One thing that Susan said today is that some people might get scared away by throwing out to much scripture to them at first and don't I know it! My mother loves to call and say...Gina...can I just read you one thing. I know, I know, my mother is sweet and means well but just because she's in prayer time and feels that she MUST call me and read me this it is sometimes hard for me. I have excepted Jesus into my heart and all this is amazing to me. But, I still need baby steps in my learning process. I also realized everyone is different on who they are and how they are and what they do. I also realized everyone takes scripture differently too or am I just taking it wrong...see! As for my title to this post...I love to read "The boy Jesus in the temple" Luke 3:41-52 Am I wrong for saying that it just cracks me up that Mary and Joseph lost Jesus. But, he wasn't really lost and he was he was in the temple courts it reads listening and asking questions. How amazing is that! He was twelve! Okay...I'm still laughing that even Jesus mother thought she had lost him but something great came out of this story. Every parent wants great things for their kids. I know my mother wants my brother and I to meet her in heaven one day and I know that I want to teach my son's starting from an early age about Jesus. I want them to grow in the Lord and I don't really care what they choose to do as a career in their life. I do know that I want them to be good people and to love others and to do what is right . I struggle everyday wanting to be a great mother. I try hard to be a good person and Memphis Mimics EVERY WORD I say. Thus, the sassy "Do you understand me ..Sawyer is sleeping...yes sir!" which I got in the car today. I know I reeled some of you all in with my witty gym stories just to trap you into a talk about God! Maybe it was meant to be that you read this then. I will leave you with one thing though about the gym last night (see all over the place I tell you) I took an abs & back class last night and it was the MOST painful thing that I have ever done. Mainly the abs of course. But... anywho...there is nothing worse I found out then taking a class like this with a cute, thin, college student all dressed in pink. As we walked out of the class ( I slithered out) I hear her say "Wow! That was great and really makes the hour go by fast" I want to add that she was kinda be-bopping out like she was at the spa and just had a massage. I thought to myself how can she think that was great and how do you enjoy a slow painful death and yes I too was happy that it did go by fast...but it didn't! Go by fast that is! Holy Cow I'm old!!!


  1. This was good..but I must ask- DOES MY HAIR LOOK THAT BAD? lol

  2. Not you ya dork! You were just the one who butchered it and made me go running....Ha!Ha!