Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Should I post everyday?

Okay so it's official! My friend has gotten me addicted to blogging and blog stocking! Did I say that right...stocking? Hmmmm! It looks weird and it sounds weird so it must be wrong. Oh! Well! Anyways, I sat here for a couple minutes wondering what I should write today and if I actually had anything interesting to say. Probably not! So, I decided to blog hop. Blog hopping consists of me hitting the key "Next Blog" and I wish I new about a billion more different languages so I could understand what I'm actually looking at. Then I actually steal ideas from their blogs and coping and pasting their little Html thingy's thus my scripture of the day and my back ground. Is that okay?? I'm guessing so! Wow! These people really have a gift of writing and I almost wish that half of them were writing our newspaper and not a blog because I'd might be a little more well informed about what's going on in our nation! Anywho, my gift would be hospitality! My Ma Ma said so..Ha!Ha! It really is though! I love to cook and I love to take care of people. My poor husbands Co-workers little do they know that they are my Guinea Pig's and believe you me not everything comes out tasting great! At church I try and sign up for anything that has to do with me cooking ie: food for the nursery workers, food for the sick, food for new mothers and families. I not sure if everyone has clicked on the thoughtful Thursday square on my blog but I never posted what I actually did. I made dinner for the kids (I say kids because she is 18 and he is 24 although I still think I'm 20!) next door. A full on meal and just walked up and handed it to them. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, and I halved our loaf of fresh bread. They probably are thinking I'm a quack and little do they know that they have now officially become my cooking tasting Guinea pigs too after I also dropped off some pumpkin muffins....third time, third recipe! The first night that they moved in I was in the process of trying to master golden corrals yeast rolls and I did...the second batch...then the third ended up awful! Either way they got about 6 of the yummy ones! I'll make it short! The point I'm getting at as I'm blog hopping is I'm amazed at others gifts speaking, drawing, writing, cooking, loving, singing! There are just so many amazing people out there and some great stories and some sad ones to. So I spend part of my time smiling and the other half praying for these unknown people. Also, now that I have written this I'm thinking about my friends and wondering if I can pick out their special gifts because everyone has one. I do think that food is for sure a great way to meet people! Who doesn't like to eat?!?! I also wanted to tell everyone Thank you for their comments and explain that you weren't just speaking to me! If you get my drift! As for blogging passer bye-er's "stockers"...Thanks!

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  1. We need that roll recipe!! I've been trying to find a good roll recipe for YEARS!! Please post it, Master chef.