Friday, March 6, 2009

I was wondering what Tammy was doing?!?!

I was wondering what Tammy was doing. I saw her talking to someone at story time and thought who was she and what was she talking to her about. Tammy usually introduces me to one of her millions of friends and then they of course become mine. This time she didn't! Although I had one foot out the door to chase Memphis. I'm so glad that she is my friend and she makes me want to be a better person everyday. She is my spiritual friend. The one that I want to talk about God with and where my place as a wife and mother and friend is. She is that friend that will put me in my place with her honesty and always makes me look at myself when I complain about's usually me that I should be complaining about! I truly love her and her amazing heart. I will also incorperate Thoughtful Thursdays into my life. Please read the story of Kayleigh and add the link to your blogs as well.

Below is Tammy's post from her blog!!!

My Thursday was spent with friends. I did not know what to do for my Thoughtful Thursday. So I made up a goodie bag and grabbed a book by Billy Graham. I walked up to a mom I never met at the library today and told her why I was participating in Thoughful Thursday. I gave her the link to Kayliegh's blog and ask her to go on line and read her story. She just smiled and said thank you. But I know she will go home and read her story. One more person will be blessed by this little miracle!

I spent the rest of my day with Gina and her kids. We had a picnic and enjoyed what felt like a true Spring day.

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