Monday, March 9, 2009

Yoga & the day that Amish frienship bread almost killed me!

I didn't get a moment to post about my day yesterday because there just wasn't a second to spare. Yesterday it was time change "spring forward" day to which didn't help my crazy day either. I don't have a problem with getting up early it's just the getting everyone else motivated that killed me. My mom use to play this crazy annoying song on the Christian radio station to get us going and it's still etched in my brain forever! I should try and find it.Good morning! Good Morning! Good morning! It's time to rise and shine! Good Morning! Good morning! Good morning! I hope you're feeling fine! Get out of bed you sleepy head..blah blah blah! UGH!!!!!! Anywho, between church and then lunch for everyone and then the gym, dinner, then we were off to fellowship group and back home again! There ya go! I'll start off with church and tell you we are in the book of Luke but I found myself reading ahead while Erik our pastor was talking. Although, I stopped occasionally to hear his comical stories and his trial and errors of life and learning and family and the bible. He's a hoot and I am able to learn alot about our lord and the bible from him because of the way he teaches and preaches! After church we headed home for lunch and then after that I headed to the gym. Here is my update to the new me.....I took another class and it was Yoga! I never thought that I would try Yoga because I wasn't so sure about all that "Dog in window stance" and "Butterfly twisted taking a poop stance". But... I took it and I loved it! It was me and about 8 elderly woman which put me to shame. I didn't know my body could twist and turn and stretch like that and I needed it after the last few days of jumping back into the gym. But WOW!!!! these other woman where amazing! I found myself wobbling around about a million times and they where like statues. A couple times I had to check to see if they were breathing because they were so still. The instructor stopped for a second and said to me in the middle of the class in a dim lit room...Oh! did I mention that? They use a little lamp for a soft dim room effect. Anyways she said "Oh! I didn't realize that we had someone new..welcome" After the class she came up to me and asked what I thought and I told her I really liked it. For those of you that know me then ya'll know that I am off the hook crazy and can't sit still! She asked where I had taken classes before and I explained that this was my first. She was very surprised and said that I had amazing balance and flexibility. I told her I usually hold a 9 month old in my arms and a three year old by the ear, cook up some food and clean a toilet all at the same time. It's all about multi-tasking! Isn't that what Yoga is all about as well. Leg turned to the right, arm up, waist twisted and then a somersault. After the class I walked for about 45min. on the tread mill. I then headed home to spend sometime with my incredible family on this awesome sunny warm day and then we headed to fellowship group later that day. Before I explain the whole Amish bread thing I would like to mention that since the journey to the new me started I don't keep to many sweets in the house. Just a bunch of fruit and the snacks I have for Memphis I only buy what I don't and wouldn't eat! Smart..huh! So at fellowship group someone always brings sweets and non sweets and Mrs. I (not using her last name) had made some Amish Friendship bread. HOLY MOLY! It was GREAT!!!! I think I ate a ton! I say I didn't because it was cut into small pieces..but...I'm not going to lie to I did! There goes Sundays diet! Mrs. I said that it's a funny little bread that you have this whole crazy mushing of the bag method to it and next Sunday she'll give me a starter piece. See you take that starter piece and add new things to it every few days and everyday you kinda mush it around in a ziploc bag. I think after about ten days it's ready to be baked but you separate it it into 4 portions and save one portion (starter) for yourself and give the other portion (starters) to your "friends" Thus being Amish friendship bread. Honestly, if you were my friend you could just bake it up for me every ten days and cut out all the work I'd have to do! Love you!!!! I am going to do it though and yes I will be handing the dough out like a sneeze giving you the flu! Tallahassee is going to be a Big Ole' fun loving Amish friendship bread baking town and it's all because of Mrs. I's recipe!


  1. that amish friendship bread is crazy multiplying- like gremlins! someone gave me a starter last year and it about drove me just keeps going and going and eventually you run out of people to give it to and then you start making all the loaves... so it's four one week and then the next time it's ready you're making eight and then the next time you're up to sixteen and it's insane trying to get all the ingredients to keep that many going.... i finally let it die. oh my... have fun though. :)

    i found lots of different recipes online and even made up some of own- breads, muffins, butterscotch cake... it was amazing while it lasted.

  2. Holy Cow That is funny! I'mgonnago buy us all bonnets week!