Friday, March 13, 2009

Ugh! Something good has to come of today...Oh! Wait! I'm alive!

Alright...So I have tried to write this a couple times now and can't seem to get it together! What is wrong with me??? Memphis woke with a sassy mouth that he apparently is keeping all day. Sawyer won't let me put him down today. When I tried to get dressed I put him in his crib and he got so mad and cried so hard he vomited...everywhere. I have a ton of laundry to do. I haven't gotten a chance to clean the two bathrooms and Memphis apparently thinks he's playing asteroids with the back of the toilet seat. Comcast cable hasn't received our payment and it was sent 2 1/2 weeks ago and I'm going to have to put a $25.00 stop payment on the check and this is the THIRD TIME in 3 years this has happened and ONLY TO THEM!!!! Wal-mart refused to take my $5 coupon that I printed off the huggie's website and said that they don't take them anymore...strange since I just used one at the Thomasville road Wal-mart!!! BTW I had them do a refund for the diapers and as I was leaving one of the other employees pulled me off to the side and asked if I could e-mail her the site so that she too could print some coupons. I hope she doesn't try and use them at her place of employment!!! I will of course e-mail her. I then headed to the mall to get Memphis a pair of flip flops at Old Navy. I had a coupon that was 30% your entire purchase. The flip flops were on $5 for two pairs....nice! She handed the coupon back to me and I asked if she needed it and she told me that I can use it over and over for 4 days! Yeah! Me! So I did something that made me feels better (and the cashier was okay with it). I stood in line and gave it to the person behind me and then they gave it to the person behind them and again and again. I think about four times or so and one woman said she barley had the money for what she was buying and thanked me. Now a second woman ...this one at Old Navy gave me her e-mail address and asked if I could e-mail her the site with the coupons too. I too will be e-mailing her. I called and asked my husband to pray for me because I am just having an over whelmingly (is that a word? Doesn't matter I'm using it!) bad day. I am thankful for my friends and my husband that I am able to call them and share with them. I'm glad that they are also able to share with me. I know things could be much worse and they have been before. I also have a bad "why" me habit. I know that this too shall pass and eventually things will be better and then maybe a bump in the road once again. I'm not sure if you all have had a day like this...lately. But, how did you deal with it...other than cry! What am I suppose to take from today. I guess that is my plan. I am going to sit and try to figure out the good and the great in today's happenings and I'll get back to you!

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  1. sounds like regardless of your bad day you really put a smile on quite a few faces :) that should make you smile too!